♥ London - Day 3 Heading to next destination ♥

Monday, September 07, 2009

Day 3 - 12.07.09 (Sunday)
Time flies, it was already day 3 at London and is time headed to another destination. After breakfast and checked out from hotel, we took tube to Euston Square Train Station.

Reached Euston Square.

I saw this at Euston Train Station. Guess what is this?

Yeap! This is a place to "park" all the bicycles. It is so well organize and safe because it consist a lock.

This is how they "park" their bicycle.

Surrounding at Euston Station.

Dropped by a cafe in Euston Train Station for a light tea time while waiting for the train.

1.30pm - train departed on time. Heading towards to next destination with exhilarated feeling.

Stay tuned for the up coming post,
next destination after London.

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  1. wow... nice!!! london is one of my favourite cities...would definitely love to go back again sooner =p

  2. The "bicycle park" is so cute! There are a lot of ppl who cycles around, I assume.

  3. We should design a local bicycle parking like that during our "industrial design" time.....hehe..

  4. wow....
    really nice place to go...
    can see a lot of thing leh....

  5. Dear Fufu,
    I'm waiting your Europe post leh...

    Dear YT,
    Erm.. I can't see a lot of people cycling around.. But is so weird to see so many bicycle at there right.. haha

    Dear Lulu,
    Yaya... agree with you ><

    Dear Deejay.
    You're right. I saw a lot of nice things and view at UK :) a great and memorable experience

  6. Nice pictures, I never go there and hope I can go there one day... :)


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