Arabian Night

Friday, October 30, 2009

I know! Tomorrow is Halloween and I guess most of you or them are enjoying Halloween party tonight either at club or at home or somewhere else. And I'm alone at home gonna blog about Halloween Arabian night. I've so many pending post including my travel blog to uk. End up, I've decided to post this.

Back to 30th of August (Yeap.. 2 months ago). It was one of my bf's uni friend's birthday - Zarin. A malay guy who have a big and famous background family. He was growing up in Canada and back to Malaysia when he was 19 (if I'm not mistaken).

On that night, his sister requested us to dress up as there was a theme for this birthday party which is ARABIAN NIGHT. I never been to any theme party before and this is the first one. For sure me and bf didn't dress as Arabian as we don't have any idea.

As we stepped into his house. We were amazed and "WOW" inside my heart. Take a peep.

How is it? Let's go for more...

Maybe you will feel that this is nothing special and to "WOW" about.. but WAIT! I gonna show you more....

I meet a lot of his (bf) uni friends and we were invited by birthday boy's parents to eat more. The foods are really delicious which is from Lotus Catering. I heard that this catering quite famous in PJ or somewhere in uptown. I didn't take any photos of the food because paiseh...

After that, we went into Zarin's house and the interior design was really awesome.

COOL right?

Seems like you will only have the chance to see this kind of situation in any movie or English drama. Imagine that you're the King or Queen and serve by many servants.
I guess they pay a lot for the Arabian theme decoration.

I really have the Arabian feel although I didn't wear like an Arabian.

After that, there was some dancing show by those "ah gua". It was really entertaining and we laughed a lot...

One of the malay guy - Hairi who wore as an Arabian.

bf and one of his uni's friend - Darren

Zarin and family.

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  1. very special experience...haizz, I never have this chance yet~

  2. Dear Lulu,
    Ya, a very special experience.. Foods is really delicious too. I'm sure you will have the chance to attend theme party.. dun say never :) as in our life, there will be a lot of miracle..


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