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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last Sunday, I went to A Saloon which located inside Sunway Pyramid. After 2 years of consideration, I've decided to trim my hair short!

When I came out from the saloon, bf likes it a lot and keep on said nice. Most of my friends also said nice and fresh. Thanks for all the lovely comments that you guys gave in my facebook.

What do you think? I think is not bad. Guess how much does it cost me (cut and wash)?
Alright! I guess you will thought that it might quite expensive but it only cost RM38. YEAP!! RM38 only including wash and cut in Sunway Pyramid. Couldn't believe right? Just believe it :)

After got some praises from bf, he says:"I've been waiting for 2 years just for today" haha..

I told mummy and she says:"How come so brave?" =.=|||

Change image ma... Sometimes, I feel kinda bored with long hair since I never style my hair because not talented enough in hair styling

While the hair stylist blowing my hair, her assistant sweep away my long long hair. I'm feeling sad and wanna cry out. My friend - Eunieece says:"Silly girl" I'm alright and like my new look.

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  1. 呵呵呵。我还是比较喜欢你的长发哦

  2. Ignore the comment above...Coz Jay likes Jolin's long hair de...

    Both have the unique, noneed to worry by people comments...Life is too long for u to keep long hair if u plan to keep it again!

    Juz get a new fresh look for other...especially ur bf!haha...

  3. You are really brave! As I told you on msn :p But you look really good in short hair!!! Thumbs up!

  4. Dear Jerome,
    I knew it!!! >.<

    Dear Lulu,
    Ya, I won't care what Jerome.. haha.. he really likes gal in long hair..

    Dear Beverly,
    Thx :)

  5. i also waiting my gf to cut her hair short...


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