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Saturday, November 07, 2009

It is time to continue with my UK trip post. If you have miss out previous post, kindly click here to read more.

Day 5 in uk- 14.07.09 (Tuesday).
After Birmingham, Aberystwyth is our next destination which is the place where my bf study. If you don't know where is Aberystwyth, it is one of the small place in Wales. Google it and you will know the location. This is how to pronounce Aberystwyth >>> ab-be-ry-stwich. It is actually a Welsh language. Although Wales is a part of UK, but they have their own language (Welsh) too.. I feel that Welsh is kinda hard, because their pronunciation is kinda weird.

From Birmingham to Aberystwyth, it took around 3 and half hours by train. When we were in the train, bf meet a lot of his uni friends who going back to Aberystwyth too to attend their convocation which will held on the next day. I saw everyone was so happy and joyful.

When we reached Aberystwyth, there are few of his friends were waiting him at the train station. Once we reached, we had our late lunch at Wetherspoon which quite cheap with their Fish & Chips (I think only cheap at this place but not other franchise of wetherspoon). Because last few days, I told him I wanna eat fish & chips and it is quite expensive in London. So, he highly recommended Fish & Chips at Wetherspoon, Aberystwyth. P/S: Weather in Aber is quite windy and cold compare to London & Birmingham.

Fish & Chips which cost only £3.20 included bread and a cup of coffee or tea. I felt satisfied!! Wee~~~

I tried mustard but it tasted really weird. The taste of mustard is different compared in Malaysia. But I guess this is the original mustard taste I tried in UK.

The design of the tea bag with 2 strings.

After our meal, we headed to bf's uni. Yeap! We're staying in his Uni's hostel. Without wasting our time, we placed our luggage and bath. Ready for the dinner with his friends and their family.

The Orangery - we had our dinner here.

There are around 12 of us included his friends and family members.

There were graduation set for that whole week. So we ordered 2 set and shared with bf & his mum because the foods were very expensive. It cost us total £52 (RM301.60) for 2 sets of 2 course meals.

Free bread for everyone of us.

:: Starter ::

:: Main Course ::

I would say that their foods are quite delicious. BUT it is toooooooo EX-PEN-SIVE!!!

Part of us.

After dinner, we walking to take cab and it was freaking cold.!!!! Tomorrow will be his big day!! Stay Tuned for more.....

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  1. finally get to read this long waited UK trip's post, sure stay tuned for next

    can still remember the price after so long? i guess u took note on it

  2. Hehe, the mustand in Aussie taste weird to me too... don't know how to describe it =x

    Nice food pix btw! ^^

  3. Dear Lulu,
    Haha... Thx for ur patient and support :) Yeap!! I got take note and price what we eat and where we go >.<

    Dear Christina,
    hmm... maybe we not use to the REAL mustard.. haha.. Thx

  4. Is the guy who was sitting opposite ur bf,in blue color shirt named Darren Ling?
    He looks like my friend.
    anyway,I'm looking forward your next post in UK.

  5. Dear Fong Yee,
    Ya, his name is Darren Ling.. This world is really really small.. :)

  6. yalo yalo,indeed small.
    he's my friend,law student also,hehee..

  7. wow... nice food there... erm yah.. germany is not cheap either >< gotta spend wisely here =p

  8. Dear fufu,
    Yeah!!! Enjoy ur day in Germany :)

  9. I studying in INTI and he was INTI student too,then after 2 years in INTI,he did his final year in UK.

  10. yaya,he applied other uni.
    I don't know Abby Lim. ;)

  11. goshhhh, so cheap (for them) yet so big portion o. =.= no wonder wester ppl have bigger size than us! LOL

  12. LUV all the pics there...
    i miss aber n my beloved fren..
    hahha..send my regards to adik wei sang k..

    miss u too yvonne..take care k

  13. Dear Jess,
    Haha... I got it.. :)

    Dear Hairi,
    hope to meet you soon in this Dec.


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