♥ Aberystwyth - Day 2 - The Graduation + Pier ♥

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm so exciting to continue blog about my UK trip. Looked back at those photos taken in UK, really nice and I'm missing those moment again.!!! Should I say I'm Blessed to have the chance to travel to UK? Anyway, I still always been so thankful.

p/s: Many people ask me, how come I still remember those price of the foods or stuff I bought in UK? To fulfill your curiosity, I gonna tell you that I jotted down everything I'd spent so that I will know the expenses for the entire trip and it is also easier for me to blog.

p/p/s: There are around 50+ photos in this post. Hope all the photos will be loading fast. :)

Day 6 in uk- 15.07.09 (Wednesday).
Today is his BIG day - Officially graduate. Early in the morning, he went out with his friends to register and get ready for the ceremony which will held at 2pm.

Thank God for the good and sunny day. Actually it is quite windy & cold but I still can overcome with it during day time.

Everyone especially parents & family members were invited to a cafe for some light meals.

Every table was decorated with sparkling & shinning lil stars and balloon on each table.

Yummy.. yummy...
Their desserts and foods tasted really great!! I like the chips..

Friends and family.

Before the ceremony start, everyone was busying taking picture with each other.

I ♥ my blue dress which given by Wei Wei.

Beside that, I also took photos with some of his friends.

Hairi - the most stylist and fashionable Malay guy..

Darren - the most talkative one..

Zarin - friendly guy although it was the first time I meet him..


Eva - cute and nice girl...

Actually this was the first time I meet his friends beside Hairi and some who is not in this photos. Heard that I quite famous at there although I'm not studying there.. That's why everyone was so friendly with me although first time meet up. haha.. perasan..

Before the ceremony start, everyone was asking to take a group of photo. The arrow pointing is my bf :)

The Moment! Thrilled!!!!!

Hall of Aberystwyth University

Ceremony started and some dean was giving speech in Welsh. We don't know what was him or her talking about. =.=

Their ceremony was kinda weird. Every 5 person will walked on the stage together at the same time. "Scroll" was not given to them too. *weird... weird...*

p/s: Spot my bf??

I'm graduated again.

Taking photos again after the ceremony ended.

These are all Malaysian. Yeap! There are quite many Malaysian studied in this uni.

Congrats to all of them. They are officially graduate with Bachelor of Law (LLB Hons).

After that, we walked back to the hostel and I saw this special plant. From far, this plant looking flat and horizontal.

We stayed in Rosser C.

♥ all the pics above

Before dinner, we walked around Aber town. Aberystwyth is a nice place. I will bring you to explore more in the next post.

Sunset at Aberystwyth

Windy and COOL!!!

We had our dinner at here with few of his friends and family.

All the way into the restaurant, there are many photos hanging on the wall. It is showing how crowded was Aberystwyth at old times.

Interior of the restaurant.

A red candle to light up the entire dinner.

As usual, free bread was served.

... and some olive.

What we ordered for our dinner?

For starter, we'd choose mussels.
Moules à la Marinière - £6.25
Gently steamed mussels served with a classic mariniere sauce and crusty bread.

Very very very very delicious!!! Thumb up!!!!! I like the classic mariniere sauce and I ate with the bread.

Fresh Salmon Fillet - £14.25
Served with rosemary roasted new potatoes, buttered green beans and accompanied with a roast shallot and Portobello mushroom cream.

10oz rib-eye steak - £16.95
Cooked to your requirement, served with matchstick fries, balsammic glazed cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and cashew nut medley and accompanied with a pink peppercorn sauce.

Welsh Lamb & Mint Sausages - £9.95
Served on creamy chive and parsnip and potato mash with a caramelised red onion and port jus.

We enjoyed the dinner and the foods were not bad too!!
p/s: I like the outfit of my bf - casual but smart *winks*


Ended of second day at Aberystwyth.

I can't wait to share the next post with you as there are many nice photos that I've taken in Aberystwyth. Stay tuned again for up coming post.

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  1. omg omg omg. I love your gladiator wedges! It's so omg-nice! Really... And you look awesome in that blue dress... very very sweet :)

  2. Seen thru all the pictures, loading fast...no worries!

    Too sleepy to read as now is 1.30am. Time for beauty sleep, 2mr continue readin.

    Ohya, my bf's mum looks like Japanese ler....

  3. I miss UK too :( oh... wish I could go back!! haha. You and your bf studied in UK too? ;)

  4. Dear YT,
    Thx girl.....

    Dear Lulu,
    Haha.. U're welcome and thx for the info.. yeah, my bf's mum looks a bit like japanese..

    Dear Christine,
    haha... nope, only my bf studied in uk..

  5. Darren told you the nickname given by him,as I used to say "wunai" last time. xD
    I don't mind you call me that,hahaa..

  6. wow...i like western uni graduation ler...really makes me envy ler...too bad dun have the chance to study overseas...

  7. WOW!!! So many pictures!!! Love them all~~ When will you visiting again? Bring me along next time :p

  8. i love ur blue dress~~~~suit u~~~~
    nice!!! congrate to ur bf~~~

  9. Dear Via,
    me neither.. :)

    Dear Beverly,
    Thx... I wanna go US too.. BRing me along.. >.<

    Dear ET,
    Thx thx :)

  10. wow... no wonder you go to uk lar... hihihihi

  11. i like ur shoe :P

    congratulation again to ur bf

  12. Dear Fufu,
    I thought I told you before?? hmm..

    Dear Sock Peng,
    Thx again ya >.<

  13. Wow... nice foods and nice scenery.....

    I also want to go....


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