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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 7 in uk- 16.07.09 (Thursday).
We stayed at Aberystwyth, Wales for 4 days 3 nights and today is the third day. Supposedly, bf gonna bring me and his mum to walk and visit around this little warm town. Unfortunately, his mum fall sick. So his mum stayed and rest in the room and bf only brought me around in Aberystwyth.

Since his mum fall sick, we went to nearby supermarket bought some grocery & foods for his mum and also for our lunch.

Instant Foods - our lunch, shared with 3 person. BF told me both of this taste great although it is instant foods.

Maybe it looks a bit normal but it does really tasted great. Both comes with different types of rice. I like Chicken Jalfrezi with Basmati rice (left) more.

After lunch, his mum resting in the room and watching some TVB drama. So, bf brought me around Aberystwyth. It was raining in the morning and really COLD... But after lunch, weather was good and really chilling.

I like this lil town a lot because there were so many beautiful flowers.

I'm wearing short pants with legging. I still can overcome with the weather during day time. It's really chilling.

This is the entrance of his uni.

..and he is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and slipper. He don't feel cold at all because he had passed through the coldest weather during winter. Cold weather during summer time in UK is a small matter for him.. Hahh..~~

See! So beautiful right?? Falling in love....

Bus stop (Safle Bws) sign board in Welsh. We went to town buy bus which cost me £1 and he got free ride because he got the student card.

Wonder how is Aberystwyth looks like? Let's go!! Less wording but photos gonna show you everything here!

This is Aberystwyth!! Don't you love this place???

Some shops opposite train station.

Meet his friend in a cafe and we had a small chatting and drinking session. A cup of hot tea and a piece of cake cost £3.30.

After that, we continue with our "journey". Only both of us. It started raining again, but it doesn't cause us walk back to our room. Bf bought an umbrella which cost £1 and continue the visitation of this town.

This is one of the old college in Aber. Looks awesome and it looks like the building in Harry Porter. I guess so, cause I didn't watch Harry Porter before :)

All the photos were not nicely taken because of the poor weather. It keeps on raining.... *sad* But I'm still feeling grateful that I have the chance to visit this place.

This is Aberystwyth Castle.

On the way to the castle.

Views from the castle and yeap! That's Old College. (If you still remember)

Part of the Aberstwyth Castle and views..

Only I Me Myself in the photos. This is because it keeps on raining, and only both of us. So bf only told my pic.

Marine Park
This will be a nice scene if there is sunshine.

It took me more then an hour to choose which photos to post on the blog cause it is hard to choose. So I just upload those I think is ok and nice.

Another awesome building while on the way back to room. Time passed real fast and it was late evening already, time to back to the room.

HSBC building in Aberystwyth.

Before we back to the room, we bought dinner at this Chinese Take Away name Kam Sing. He told me that their foods is yummy.

After Kam Sing, we went to Lip-Licking and bought some fried chicken wings. Their chicken wings are really delicious!! REALLY YUMMY!!! Hard to describe but tasted really great. I bet everyone who studying or graduate in Aber will agree with me :)

Ta da~~~~ Fried rice and additional dishes from Kam Sing. Total cost: £10

YUMMY chicken wings from Lip-Licking (£5). It tasted a bit spicy.

MY dinner. His dinner. Her dinner. >.< At night, we went to do laundry. I wore 3 pieces of clothes including jacket and long pants but still freaking cold when I walked out at night.

*** *** ***

Day 8 in uk- 17.07.09 (Friday).
Forth day in Aberystwyth and time to leave this lovely and peaceful town.

On the way to the town by cab.

Breakfast at Wetherspoon.

Traditional breakfast £2.99
The cheapest breakfast I ever had and it is only available in Aberystwyth, NOT in other places.

BIG breakfast £3.99
Just pay for another £1 and you will get a real BIG breakfast. Worth it right.

I leave this place with a very heavy heart.


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  1. Wow... This Aber-something-something (i can't pronounce the name!) place is really a nice town.

    I love the buildings, those that reminds me of the French village in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

    I wish I were there too :(


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