Best Malay Meals I ever had @ Malacca!!!!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I gonna say a billion thanks to Hairi who is my bf's uni mate and great buddy. When they studying in UK, Hairi always cook for my bf and heard that his cooking skills very good too. He is a nice guy and friend. We went to Malacca during Raya because he invited us to his Raya Open House. Thanks Hairi for his great and warmness hospitality!!!!!

We stayed in Everly Resort Hotel @ Jalan Tanjung Kling which need around 15 -20 minutes drive from Malacca town. The room was booked by Mr. Hairi and it was not cheap. It cost around RM300 just for 2 days 1 night. Hairi paid for our room and dinner. Let's have a tour of the hotel.

Night view from our room.

Day view from our room.

That is the entrance of Everyly Resort Hotel. It is so nice to see so many green color plants around and you wouldn't have the chance to see such view in KL.

Views from our room.

ROOM 834

The room is really big and quite comfortable. There is a bar desk and bedroom is separate from living room.

On the second day, we drove to Malacca town and ate the chicken rice we missed on the first day. Then bought some foods and drinks from Sam Suk Gong.

Around 1pm, we headed to Hairi's house for the open house. There are so many colorful and yummylicious cookies and kuih-muih on the table.

Please wipe off your saliva.. hehe.. All the kuih-muih & cookies were made and baked by Hairi's mum and aunts. Tasted great!!! I wish I have a big appetite to fill in all this delicacies into my stomach..

These are just the started. More mouthwatering foods coming soon....

Kinds of malay foods cooked by Hairi's mum & aunts.

Everyone was busying taking foods while me and Wei Wei busying taking photos.

The rendang tasted super suuuuuuppppeeerrr GREAT!!!!!!!

Ayam Masak Merah. This dishes tasted SUPER SUPER GREAT too!!!!!!

I don't know how to describe the delicious, yummy-ness, tempting, luscious-ness of the foods. Not any of the adjective above could describe it. It was like heavenly foods. Even Wei Wei who always eat malay foods, she also couldn't resisted it!!! She craved for more and she told me this was the greatest and delicious malay foods she ever had!!! You wouldn't know how mouthwatering was the foods without trying out!!! I wanna ask for more but my tummy surrendered. I miss the foods so much NOW!!!

Introduce Hairi to all of you.

"Hairi, we just don't know how to show our gratitude to you but we really appreciate a lot. Thanks so much for your best hospitality. Me and Wei Wei will never forget the yummy foods that cooked by your mum :) Enjoy your study time in UK and hope to meet you again on coming December."

Thanks to Sandra (girl in purple dress) who bought chicken rice ball for me because I told her that I didn't have the chance to eat chicken rice ball on the first day when I arrived Malacca. So sweet of her.

Although it was a 2 days 1 night trip, but all of us were enjoyed!


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  1. Oh, malaysia fooooooods!! wah make me drools neh. The hotel looks nice!!! I hope I can manage a few days and pay Melaka a visit on cny. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear LittleFrog,
    Hi, I'm so surprise with your comments and never thought that you will visiting me too :) YOu're more welcome..

  3. the hotel u stay very nice and high class eh. How much ah per day?

  4. Gosh, u made me drool like crazy! THe delicacies look super nice, colorful and cute :)

    I am craving for some nice food now~

    Btw, nice hotel shots. Love the nite view of the pool, very enchanting.

  5. Dear Joshua,
    RM300 per night..

    Dear YT,
    Thanks dear..

  6. wahsei...u make me wanna eat malay food now also ler...


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