Raya Malacca

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Back to Raya holiday. There are 6 of us and we went to Malacca for 2 days 1 nights. We were invited by Hairi to attend his Raya open house. So I invited 4 of my friends along too. Once we passed the tol, it started jammed all the way until we reached Jonker Street. Normally we need less than 1 hour to reach Malacca town, but now we used around 3 hours to reached here. Anyway, it was really worth because we ate a lot of nice & yummy foods but a bit disappointed because don't have enough time to try out the satay celop yet. Heard that there are "MUST" eat when you travel to Malacca. Let's GO!! This post I gonna share and tell you what I've eat in Malacca.

When we reached Jonker Street, it was time to fill up our tummy. Every restaurant (especially chicken rice shop) was so packed and everyone was queue up outside the shop.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah
(opposite OCBC)

I heard that this restaurant is selling the most delicious chicken rice and the oldest one in Jonker Street. You will need to queue up while waiting to be seated as there are limited tables. We don't have the chance to try this out when we reached on the 1st day because all sold out. Quite sad.

So we make it on the second day. We still need to queue up but just for awhile because we went there in the morning.

Verdict: The chicken is not that nice though, the meat is quite hard to bite. Quite disappointed!!! But their chicken rice ball is really yummy!!! and you must eat with the spicy & sour chili sauce too.. Really yummy!! You can't miss out the lime drink too. You will feel fresh after you drink it.

Jonker Dessert 88
Beside that, I heard that the dessert here quite nice. Queue up again!!!

The foods are not bad but quite small portion.

You can't miss out the dessert too.

Pandan Waffle
RM7.50 for 6. It will taste good when you eat while it is still hot.

Pineapple Tart

Super duper YUMMY!!!! Can't resist it!!!! I should buy more... haha.. This pineapple tart really taste great and really fresh. They bake on the spot and selling fast too.

At night, Hairi who is from Malacca brought us for dinner at somewhere in Malacca. This place quite far from Malacca town.

This place is quite famous with Ikan Bakar. Look at this photo, so many yummylicious foods on the table. We got plain ikan bakar, Portuguese style ikan bakar, fried sotong etc....

Hairi ordered too much but we still finished it because quite delicious. Thanks to Hairi for the treat.

For the plain ikan bakar, we eat with this sauce. It is not a normal black sauce, this sauce is quite spicy and tasted really great.

After dinner, Hairi brought us to his house. His mum was so kind and cooked some mee for us. We were shocked because we just had our dinner. But we still ate some because we don't wanna waste Aunt's kindness right. Aunt's cook is really cook and the mee is yummy. I will share Aunt's cook with you in the next post.

I miss the foods I ate in Malacca and Hairi's mum cook!!!

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  1. Very nice photos ler!

    Melacca is really a eatery palac~~

  2. Aiyo, miss all those food in Malaysia so so much >.<"
    Your food pix are killing me...

  3. I love Malacca... It's really a nice place to be. You should try Satay Celup, it's good :)

  4. Dear Lulu,

    Dear Christina,
    haha... When you will back to M'sia?

    Dear YT,
    I know I should try satay celop but time limited.. >.<

  5. wow.. yummy!

    sorry the information have been given out ya~ If you hv anything wanna ask, may email me valyn.lim@gmail.com I'll try to help

  6. wah...
    need to q for so long...
    u keng!!!

  7. Dear valyn,
    it's alright. I will ask from you if I need it :) thanks in advance

    Dear Deejay,
    Not geng la... every shop also neew to queue... boh bian..

  8. gosh.. i'm missing those delicious food already! >.<


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