Christmas - Pavilion

Sunday, December 06, 2009

After 5 days of work, is time for us to unwind.
...and I choose to go for shopping! Yeap! It is time to shop for Christmas and there is Year End Sale too. I don't know why I can't stop thinking to go for shopping. I went to 2 shopping mall during last and this weekend.

Last weekend, I went to Pavilion. I saw from friend's photo, knew that the Christmas deco at Pavilion is quite nice. **p/s: Ohya!!! not forget to mention that I accidentally bumped into Joshua and he almost couldn't recognize me until I told him "I'm Yvonne" =.=|||**

It was my second time wearing fake eye lashes.


The Christmas deco @ Pavilion was really beautiful compare to last year.

Santa's sleigh

Love it.

Let's have a look at the deco at the main entrance.

Reindeer and santa's sleigh during day time.


I like their ideas and theme.

I was playing with different shutter speed and my bf's shoulder became my personal tripod. tee hee...

Colorful sculpture during evening.

I didn't bring tripod, that's why each picture was not in the same proportion.

We had nothing to do after few hours in Pavilion, so I suggested to cook spaghetti for dinner. We went to supermarket and bought some ingredients.

must-have ingredients to cook spaghetti.

It was my first time choose this type of spaghetti names "small shells".

Broccoli with white mushroom cooked by bf.

Where I went yesterday?
Stay tuned for more shopping spreed.

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  1. Love ur white top! Nice nice~

    Nice photos too :)

  2. I love the 1st fountain shot,great shot.
    Lower shutter speed can get better fountain shots.

  3. Keep wearing the falsie!!! You look stunning!!

  4. Dear Bev,
    Thanks and I will. hopefully will improve my skill of wearing it >.<


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