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Sunday, December 20, 2009

November was great. Got the chance to meet up with few secondary school and classmates. It is so hard to meet up and keep contact with secondary mates nowadays and sometimes we don't even say hi if we accidentally bump into each other. Just like pretend didn't see each other, but normally I will say Hi! :)

I'm really thank God that I still keep in contact with few secondary friends. We had a lil gathering on 7th November which was one of our friend's birthday.

The birthday guy - Boon Loong.

Beside that, we also had a birthday pre-celebration for Eunieece.

Eunieece - birthday on 11th November.

I knew Boon Loong since we're in primary and knew Eunieece when we're in Form 3. There was a good news I got from Eenieece few weeks ago. She's going to marry soon. Few of her best friends (including me) are invited to attend her wedding dinner on 26th December. When I heard about it, I'm really happy for her. I'm sure she will be the pretties bride that night.

Eunieece ♥ Yvonne ♥ Connie

I wish we will have more gathering like this in future.

Love you girls and guys.

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  1. U made me miss my old buddies :S

  2. 能和他们相聚

  3. Dear YT,
    :) I miss them too

    Dear Sock Peng,
    The only way to keep our friendship is keep contact :)

  4. Recently got so many people getting married~


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