My Lovely Child

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't get shock by the title :) Actually I've sponsored a child through World Vision. Today, I got the details about my sponsor child. I'm thrilled.

This is the child I'm sponsoring, together with her details.

She is a girl but she looks like a boy in the photo. I think cause of her short hair. She's from Kawthaung. Myanmar and her name is KHAING, Pan Thitsa. I think KHAING is her family name. Beside that, she born in 31/01/2002 (7 year old). Wow! Both of us are born on January. What a coincident..

She is the only child in her family. Her dad work as a agriculture laborer and her mum work as a market vendor. Her favorite subject is Maths.

Every month, I will give RM50 to World Vision and they will use the money to support Pan Thits's study etc. I hope she will have a better study life. Beside that, I wish I can visit her some day :)

Start to sponsor a child today if you have the ability and I guess everyone can do it. You can change their lives with RM50 every month. You will feel extraordinary happy when you see them growing to a better life and I'm waiting for this day.


This will be the last post in 2009. Wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2010.

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  1. Very meaningful....may consider to do it...:)

  2. True, I feel like sponsoring a child too...

  3. hey yvonne didnt know u sponsor a child too hehe... the child i sponsored is from bolivia... anyway keep up with the good work :)


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