Year End Sale = Great Bargain

Sunday, December 06, 2009

"Yvonne Sam can't think of anything more exhilarating than a great bargain!!! :)"

That's my shout out at my facebook and I'm gonna share with you things I've bought recently. Yesterday, we went to Sunway Pyramid.

Christmas deco @ Pyramid was not really impressive. The deco don't have the "surprise" like at Pavilion but they still did a great job :)

This was my outfits of the day.

Great Bargain No 1
This skirt was bought from Kitschen @ The Mines last weekend. (10% discount)

....and I'm gonna show you things I've bought in Pyramid.

Great Bargain No 2
Laneige skin care products.

This was my 2nd purchase. As usual, Laneige will give out a lot of free gifts for each purchase above RM250 or RM350. I bought 3 products (toner, emulsion & essence) and got all these free gifts - different kinds of samples, Parkson voucher, make up bag, and 2 free GSC tickets (any show, any day, any time). For emulsion, I can use up to 5-6 months; Essence - 4-5 months; Toner - around 3 months.

Great Bargain No 3
Yves Rocher's body shampoo and lotions.

I got a free for life membership card & got a chop for each RM25 that I'd spent and some discount voucher.

Great Bargain No 4
b.liv by cellnique - leach me moisturizer mask

I got a free sample of this mask from magazine. This mask helps in deep moisturizing, brightening and age preventing. The only reason I like this mask - it's really moisture. There was a promotion, so I decided to buy it. RM60 for 2 boxes which contains 3 pieces in each box.

Today, we went to The Mines. The theme of the Christmas deco was Chipmunks.

Great Bargain No 5
High heels from MOD.

It's really worth to buy it!!! The total price will be RM160 without any discount but now, I only paid for RM64 for 2 pairs. This was a real great bargain.!!! I wanted to get a purple high heel but I couldn't get one until today, I found it. It is a very simple design but that's the only reason I like it :) I'm so excited that I got a pair of high heel just for RM24 (actual price - RM79.90).

Beside that, I bought some daily use products, Christmas present for exchange, dress to attend best friend's wedding on coming Dec (I bought it at RM42 only) etc.. I have never had this kind of shopping experience before..... and this feeling was great!!!

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  1. 好多收获
    sunway 的圣诞装饰很美

  2. great buys gal! I love your shoes so much! Guess I shall head over to Mines for Kitcshen and MOD eh? I wanna go malls for Christmas photos! ;) looking forward to my weekend. yay

  3. Dear Sock Peng,
    haha. Ya, Got a lot of nice and cheap stuff :)

    Dear Christine,
    Yeah! You must go since you stay nearby :)

  4. goshhhh...after reading ur post, my mind getting itchy~~~~shopping o. >.<

  5. Gosh, I wish I were in KL so I can shop till I drop! *Envy*

    The mask sounds good, now I am tempted. I never do any skin care so far, time to start.

  6. Haha, everyone in the town is shopping like crazy!!! Not to forget... I'm one of them too >.<"

  7. Dear Jess, YT & Christina,

    Ahhhaaa~~ All of us are girlsss!!! :)

  8. xmas sales...a great reason for female to shop...kekeke

    one utama xmas deco also normal to me actually...

  9. wow!!i really cant recognize u in this outfit! or should i say, u CUT ur hair right?

    so happy+excited for u having such great shopping experience !

  10. Where did you buy the B.Liv products? I thought they were only available online...haha!


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