Another Great Album with BFF

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Every time when I wanna blog, I will scratch my head. Because I don't know what tag I should put for my blog... because I don't know what title I should write... because I don't how should I start my post!!!! Anyway, make it my own way to write it out. I just don't care!!

Me and my bff - Wei Wei starting a "tradition" >>> every year before Christmas, we will & must go out shopping together and photo shooting. We love Christmas deco, so we will try to go to every shopping mall and take photos.

Last year, bf was at UK. So Wei Wei who was the one I always hanged out especially during December 2008. Here is one of our great album. And 2009 was the 2nd year & this will be our 2nd Christmas album. *p/s: I would think that this is an album rather than a blog post. I wanna post it out because it was part of my lovely memory and wanna share with my family & friends.*

We went to Mid Valley and had our lunch at Italianese - The Gardens..

The Gardens

First time went to Italianese @ The Gardens. I would prefer the interior design at The Curve, it is much nicer.

Forgot the name but the pizza tastes great!!!

The cup was so small... Don't worry, it was bottomless. tee~ hee~

with my lovely bff.

Compare with this album (which is 1 year ago), both of us did changed. Obviously, my hair is short now :)

"tam jiak"

Salleh - our personal photographer.. hehe

... in action...

Salleh in action..

After lunch, shopping and walked around. Than we went to Starbucks, our usual hang out cafe after shopping!

Starbucks mini cup! *cute* and I owned one.

hoho~~ I love all this candid shot!!!

bf came to join us after our lunch and shopping.
Both of them got common topics.. football match.. job... bla bla bla...

I'm waiting for our 3rd album in Dec 2010.

After that, we went to Bangsar "lim teh" @ Devi's Corner.

Familiar with this pic?
haha. my msn, facebook profile pic, blogspot profile pic... all are this pic!!! :p

All the photos credited to Mr Salleh!! :) Thanks so much.

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