♥ Happy Birthday Daddy & Mummy ♥

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today is my beloved daddy's birthday (7th January). Wish daddy have a blessed birthday :)


Back to November 2009, 26th November 09 was my mummy's birthday. This birthday was really special to us, especially to mummy because there was a birthday party for our beloved mummy. She's 50 but still so have young minded...

Mummy's 50's birthday party @ our house.

Although not a big birthday party at hotel or restaurant but it did really looks grand and great. Red cloth on the table, some people thought their daughter getting marry soon.. *ehem* lol

Beside buffet, there was also tempayaki and steamboat..

Daddy sang a song to mummy.

awwww... so sweet!!! mummy was exhilarated by the kisses from daddy.

Pandan Layer Cake

I forgot the name of the cake. but it really tasted nice!

Both cakes were bought by mum's friends.

uuhuuu~~~ so sweet again!!!

My ♥ family.

:: Some candid moment ::

Funny sis and Peter

Friends and church member who attend to mummy's birthday party.


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  1. so nice...
    happy birthday to aunty....

  2. wow great Ö good pictures btw

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  4. Happy belated birthday to your mom and dad! happy family :)

  5. Dear Deejay, Sock Peng, Fufu, Christine,

    Thx so much :)

  6. I m thinking how can I "force" my dad to kiss my mum infront of us...haha!

  7. Dear Lulu,
    ahaha!!!! I have no idea...


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