Company Annual Dinner

Saturday, February 06, 2010

It was company annual dinner again after 1 year. It has been 1 year and 8 months I worked at Meta Tech R&D Center. Working life is really fun and challenging. I'd learned and gained a lot of new knowledge from here. Thanks so much to my senior designer - Lucia who willing to teach me.

This year, our company annual dinner was at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant. Actually I'm still sick but after rest at home for whole day, I thought I was fine and alright to attend this dinner. I just can hardly ate little only. I wish I have appetite to finish everything on the table!!! This dinner was 2 days before I admitted to hospital.

CNY feel and there are many abalonessss.

Preparing for our Lou Sang session.

Everyone was ready and I'm ready with my camera :)

Wishing everyone happiness, health and prosperity in 2010


Below are all the foods we ate. All dishes were served in a small plate for everyone.

First time ate abalone, tasted not bad. I like the dessert more, it was sweetened avocado cream with aloe vera.


Vegetarian dishes - our lady boss is a vegetarian.


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  1. I never been to Ah Yat, never try one whole fresh abalone b4 le~ only tried those tinned abalone...haha!

    I like the way foods served in small plate, presentable and easy to eat.

    Have a prosperity year!

  2. Woah, nice and expensive dishes u got there! It was such a waste that you couldn't eat much that time...

    Are u feeling any better now?

  3. Dear Lulu,
    Before this, I also tried those tinned abalone only.. :)

    Dear Christina,
    Thx for caring. I'm alright now. can eat anything I like.. hehe

  4. wow! ah yat! ur company is generous enuf :D
    i love that dessert...seems delicious!!


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