Alice in Wonderland @ Mid Valley

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time flies, today is the last day of March. There were few unhappy things happened in these 2 days and I felt really fed up & pissed. I hope everything will going smooth soon. Tomorrow is 01 April 2010 - APRIL FOOL!! Be careful!!! Don't get cheated... :) *self-reminder*

♥ ♥ ♥

On the 21st March, I went to Mid Valley. Just because of the "Alice in Wonderland "deco @ Mid Valley. I can't miss out!!! Their decorations were really awesome...

Awesome backdrop design

Entrance into Alice in Wonderland.

Let's begin the journey.....

You're in the wonderland now..
Aren't you feeling excited?? Then, let's keep exploring... :)

This hat belongs to who?

"Oh... it's belongs to Hatter..... but where has he gone??"

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Let's find out where is Hatter, we wanna return the hat to him."

Looks like an awesome party, but where is everyone?

Where is Hatter? Where is White Rabbit?"

mmm...I guess they went to save Alice..

We're getting tired. Where is everyone??!!!???

I don't care about 'em already, just enjoyed my time in wonderland.

In the end, we didn't meet any of them. Non of them in this wonderland.. *sobbed*

Let's go green :)

View from 2nd floor.. Awesome right???

I was like a kid. I told bf that I don't wanna leave the mall. I wanna bring the whole wonderland back home.. hehe..

At last, I got the chance to meet White Queen

♥ ♥

a random photo - saw a big Nikon camera *made by form*

♥ ♥

Good night and have a nice day.
Remember! Don't get cheated. It's April Fool!!

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  1. Omg, I want to live there too! It's so beautiful!

    Why Penang no such things one? *sob*

    Nice pics as usual!

  2. Know bt this..but notime to go for shooting...

    Nice u sharing here!

  3. Dear uLi,
    Yeah! Really nice! :)

    Dear YT,
    I guess all the big event etc mostly will be in KL. dat's one the reason I like this place.. haha

    Dear Lulu,

    Dear Sock Peng,
    没关系啊!至少还有照片看。 :)

  4. i think if i bring dylan there...he sure like it a lot one ler...

  5. really nice...
    penang seldom have this kind of event....


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