Bukit Tinggi - Pahang

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We went to Bukit Tinggi on the 4th day of CNY & this was my second time. We stayed in Selesa Hill Home which was 20 mins from Bukit Tinggi. Actually we planned to stay at Bukit Tinggi but it was too pricey due to CNY.

View from our apartment.

Dinner - spaghetti and some fried foods were cooked by me. *not really nice looking but taste great eh.. hehe*

At night, we drove all the way up to Bukit Tinggi. The weather was really chilling.

I've took a lot photos of the building @ Bukit Tinggi and really like it.

All of us were having fun around - non stop "chiak chiak chiak"

On the second day, we went to Japanese Village.

Nice weather but very HOT arrr....

Gonna start our "journey" @ Japanese Village.

A very simple but relax trip

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  1. Hello!
    my name is Tom and im completely new to this forum.

    I hope that I'll learn and share a lot of interesting things.

    Look forward to 'meeting' you all.

  2. wah... really an awesome place...
    i must plan my trip to bukit tinggi....


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