Letter from Myanmar

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When I reached home after work, I saw a letter on the table. It was a letter from Maynmar - World Vision. If you're still remember this. YEAP! It was a letter from the child I'm sponsoring. I'm really happy and can't wait to read it.

A letter written in Myanmar language. I got an English translation from World Vision too.

Myanmar font quite similar to Thai font :)

I saw 3 drawing flowers at the back of the letter and I guess it was drew by the little girl.

Start to sponsor a child today and you will be able to change their life.

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  1. wow you are the little mummy... awesome!! planning to visit myanmar?

  2. Hey fufu,
    Yeah! Got think of visit Myanmar but not so soon.. I prefer other country first. hehe :)

  3. i believe your cooking is more yummy than the food there... very hard to find good foods at that place.


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