The Loaf @ Pavilion

Saturday, April 03, 2010

If you wish to have a great afternoon tea with your besties, then you can consider about The Loaf which located at 3rd & 4th floor, Pavilion. They provide wide range of tasty breads & pastries. (p/s: info was taken from The Loaf website)

We had our high tea at 4th floor.

A very simple interior design.

There are selections of yummylicious breads & pastries.

Don't you wanna grab it one too?

The price is quite reasonable and I'm sure everyone could afford it too. (price start from RM1)

A simple afternoon tea could make your day too :)

Happy Easter Day

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  1. 说真的,我比较喜欢老店那种传统面包。

    不过,这些拍照很美~ >_<

  2. 可以感觉到价钱也不便宜

  3. Always passed by this bakery but seriously never try b4. Heard this bakery owned by Dr.Mahathir one...

  4. Dear Lulu,
    thanks :)

    Dear Sock Peng,
    Ya, their price is not really cheap though.

    Dear uLi,
    Yaya, I oso heard that this bakery owned by Dr Mahathir but I'm not too sure..

  5. wow nice!!i would like to have my tea time there.... :)

  6. nice shots! never try the breads there

  7. I am craving for pastries NOW! THanks to your really tempting pics. Yumz... Hungry!

  8. YT,
    Haha~~~ Go grab something to eat now >.<


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