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Thursday, April 08, 2010

It is time to continue with my Europe - UK travelogue after the last post on 18 November 2009.


Day 8 in uk- 17.07.09 (Friday).
After having breakfast at Aberystwyth, time to depart. Here is our train journey - Aberystwyth > Shrewsbury > Manchester (Piccadilly Station) > Newcastle (Metro Centre Station). The total price of the train ticket was £22.35 (x RM5.80 = RM129.63). Yeap, when you converted it to RM, surely will be much more expensive & you will get shock. So I think it is better that I don't convert it.. hehe....

The journey to Newcastle was quite tiring and it took around 6 hours (if I'm not mistaken - bf is not beside me while I'm blogging, so I don't have the chance to ask him). We transit at Shrewsbury and Manchester & we waited for the train @ Manchester for 30-45mins (I couldn't remember. haha)

When we reached Newcastle, it was already night time. So we got a cab and fetched us to the hotel. We actually asked few taxi drivers to fetch us to the hotel and some of them didn't know where was the hotel located, we even show them the address. At last, we got one taxi driver to fetched us there. Actually, he also don't know where was the hotel but he called & asked somebody else. Finally, we reached here - Staybridge Suites. (p/s: £188.60 for 3 days 2 nights)

Location of this hotel was 10mins drive from Newcastle town.

Staybridge Suites @ day time.

The objective of this suites is "Welcome Home". They want everyone who staying in Staybridge Suites will feel comfortable, just like at your own home. Great!!

Let's take a tour of our "home"

Living Hall | Dining Hall


Aren't great?? Don't you feel like you're home? All the cookies, drink was available all the time. Just go and grab it when you feel like wanna have a bite :)

Tired & exhausted after half day of journey in the train.

Our room :)

They welcome us when we entered the room.

Welcome home!!! So sweet and nice of this Suites....

A small part of the kitchen. Yeap! You can even cook at there. Don't you started feel like you're at home now??

Some freebies for us.


I was overjoy. Time to have a good rest.

Staybridge Suites
Buxton Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
United Kingdom

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  1. Wow...ur room is so nice leh...good hotel seems :D

  2. wow nice nice nice :) hihihi guess what? i plan to visit london again next year... hohoho

  3. Dear uLi & Carrie,
    Really a nice hotel. I would recommend this hotel to frens if any of them plan to go to Newcastle.

    Dear fufu,
    syok betul nie.. Jealous.. hehe :)

  4. Omg, I can't imagine how much that nice suite is costing! Probably a bomb! Since everything is scarily expensive there.

    But it looks really warm and nice :)

  5. Dear YT,
    I have forgot the price. Wait ya, later I Will dig it out from my email & will update in the post :)


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