♥ Newcastle - Day 2 (Part I) The Beautiful City ♥

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 9 in uk- 18.07.09 (Saturday)

Let's explore the beauty of Newcastle - the third largest city in United Kingdom.

View from my room.

English breakfast again. They served many kinds of cookies & muffins too. *yummy* I like to drink orange with my English breakfast! YAY!!!

After breakfast, bf brought us around (all the way walking.... without any public transportation). He went to Newcastle for few times, so he quite familiar with some places.

I've forgotten what is this building. If I'm not mistaken, it is some kind of art center.

The bridge behind me is Gateshead Millennium Bridge. It looks really beautiful at night because there will be different colors of lighting on the bridge. I will show the photo in next post.

I'm standing on the Millennium Bridge & the green color bridge behind me is Tyne Bridge. There are actually many bridges in Newcastle (more than 10 bridges).


Have a glace at Newcastle city.

Let's continue our tour by this "tour guide"

Long Stairs

We've to walk all the way UP. It took only 10-15 mins.

We reached this place after the long stairs. The cathedral in front of you is St.Nicholas Cathedral.


Outlook of the black gate but I didn't saw any BLACK GATE. hehe..

Photographer in action :)

Nothing special about THE BLACK GATE.

Looking for more accurate direction so we won't get lost!

Yeah! Finally, we reached St Nicholas Cathedral.

non-stop posing in front of the cathedral :)

Let's go in and explore the uniqueness of the cathedral.

I always wanna visit this kind of cathedral and this time, my dream has come true.


We saw many candles at the other side of the cathedral. For each candle you've light up, represent a blessing.

We walked around after came out from the cathedral.

It was summer and flowers blossom everywhere.

Aunt have a healthy body, she can walked quite a distance without complaining about fitness.

I like this photo which taken by aunt. I'm looking great here.. hehe
(please ignore the dustbin)

After that, we continue our journey in Newcastle and yeah, we're heading to the city town.

Wonder what is this?
Stay Tuned for more

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  1. Wow...alot of nice pictures leh :)

  2. L.U.R.V.E the cathedral!!! It's too beautiful ^____^

  3. I HEART NEWCASTLE as well..
    hahhah good times haa

    once graduate..str8 celebrating there..

    NICE pic...

  4. love the photos.. especially those taken at St Nicholas Cathedral

  5. I din get to go there that time :(

    U look great in all the pics! Love them!

  6. i wanna go back to london..then to manchester and liverpool...if possible newcastle as well!!

  7. So nais eh! Lengthy of photos. Naisss!

  8. hi yvonne...how r u doing? so happy to c ur comment..

    gosh...u r still in UK ... wow, i like ur pics...very natural lighting and great pics...truly enjoy viewing it.

    when coming back to msia?

  9. Dear Via,
    haha.. It is an outdated post.. I went to UK last year and at Msia now :)

  10. first time to visit ur blog, a lot of nice pic here^^


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