A delectable dinner @ Café Café KL

Monday, June 14, 2010

10th of June was a memorable day for us. YAY! Our anniversary! It was on Thursday and we had a proper dinner on Saturday. Honestly, I'm really looking forward because I know it gonna be a delectable dinner. We decided to dine at Cafe Cafe. It is a French restaurant at Jalan Maharajalela, KL.

Cafe cafe is a very romantic restaurant, I really like their interior design. We reached Cafe Cafe around 6.30pm to avoid jam and we scare lost the way but from the map given, it was quite easy to find this restaurant. When we reached there, we were told by the waiter that all table were fully booked. Luckily, the manager managed to get a table for us. There are only 1 table occupied when we reached there and getting more customer after 7.30pm.

Whole restaurant is quite dark and hardly to get nice picture without using flash. Thank to my Canon G9, I still able to get nice photo. p/s: This photo was taken when I'm about to leave.

Cozy and romantic environment.

Cafe Cafe definitely is a nice place for couple.

There are many ancient decoration display on the cabinet.

Getting more customer after 7.30pm.

One of the corner beside washroom.

A complimentary bread was served. They had heat up the bread and it was quite crispy.

Baileys Coffee (RM28)

This drink was introduced by bf. It is a type of liqueur coffee and it tastes sweet.


Bf had ordered Gourmet II which cost RM99. There were 6 different dishes included dessert.

Special Chef of the Day

It was actually a small cup of watermelon juice mixed with "something" that I don't know.

Bake Escargot with butter and Parsley

Soup of the Day

Lamb shank cooked in red wine with coriander seeds and orange

Strawberry Sorbet

Lemon Tart

Truly a delectable dinner with my one.

Clams in white wine (RM32)

Starter that ordered by me :) The clams taste normal but I really like to drink the white wine soup. *slurpsss*

Penne with bacon and mushroom in cream sauce (RM29)

It is carbonara and quite delicious with some cheesy.*Thumbs Up*

Tiramisu (RM23)

Before I go to Cafe Cafe, I've do some research and read all the reviews from blogger. Most of them saying the tiramisu is a must when you dine in Cafe Cafe. Fortunately, it didn't disappoint me. It tastes yummy!!!! The composition of wine has been added in the tiramisu. That's why it is so different from others. I would highly recommend this to all of you too.

yum yum... My weight has gained!! sob..

Washroom @ Cafe Cafe

Ladies Washroom

After dinner, on our way to PJ Millennium Square to watch Argentina vs Nigeria with his friends. It was a bad match.. haha..

Map to Cafe Cafe. It is quite easy to reach this place if you know where is Hang Tuah Balai Bomba.

It was our first time having luxurious foods in a magnificent restaurant and we have a splendid time together. Thanks Dear

Café Café (Halal)
175 Jalan Maharajalela, KL
03-2145 8141

p/s - Wise Reminder: Book a table to avoid disappointment.

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  1. Happy Anniversary :) I've been hearing bout this cafe too....and YES! pre-booking is a must le. Hope I can visit there soon :)

  2. actually cant laugh at u at ur weight gained cause i gained too...hehehe

    gosh...so posh and luxury restaurant and the food looks great...

    wat a nice anniverssary celebration with ur lou gong....so romantik

  3. wow !!! happy anniversary !!
    i've been looking for a french restaurant for times ady and now...thank u for introduced 1!!!

  4. Dear Sock Peng,
    Thank you :)

    Dear uLi,
    Thanks. Yup, remember book before you go there.

    Dear Via,
    haha!!!! Thanks!! Not yet husband la, still bf :p

    Dear Bell,
    Thanks dear.. and you're most welcome :)

  5. i wanna gain weight for muscle =p hahaha anyway nice ambience and fine food ya... ops the signboard for lady washroom...

  6. Happy Anniversary my dear fren!!!

    G9 very powerful leh...
    ur photo improve a lot..
    very nice shot...

  7. Hey Deejay!!!
    Thanks a lot my dear friend :)

  8. The restaurant looks so lovely! I wish to see KL soon :)


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