Girls Date @ SmokeHouse, Bangsar

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We meet again after 1 year and a month - 24th April.!! Hardly to meet with her when she came to KL because she always busy with company meeting and meet up with some other friends. However, sometime she will let me know when she come to KL and ask for meet up but I always couldn't make it.

We still remember, the last meet up was at TGIF, Sunway Pyramid last year. It was on 18th of April 2009. Miss Lee MY, we should meet again this year la... :) and same to both Miss Lim...

vN always crave for scones and this time, her wish has been granted. We went to SmokeHouse which located at Bangsar (beside Chawan). I never been there before and actually I've planned to celebrate anniversary with bf at here. (Anyway, we celebrate our anniversary at Café Café ).

Traditional English style interior.

Every single item that live up the whole restaurant.

Mushroom soup served together with the bread.

Our high tea session and supposedly, the foods should serve on a tray right, vN?

vN - the workaholic.

Jess - the cute one.

Crystal - the gentle one.

... and ME.

Lovely girlfriends.
Our topics were related with working, investment, future plan etc. no longer keep gossip other's "secrets" haha...

p/s: more photo on fb.

The SmokeHouse (beside Chawan)
67, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2288 1510

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  1. Nice girls outing, saw the photos over Vian's blog too! ^^

    btw, mind to tell me which app did u use to create those polarize-feel photos?

  2. very nice female outing only....nice place to be and to dine ur pics!

  3. Girls nite out is needed every now and then :P

    My friends and I bitch nonstop whenever we meet hahaha... Guess we never grow up much :P

  4. Dear Christina,
    Thanks. I'm using Poladroid software which u can download from net.

    Dear Via,
    Thank a lot!

    Dear YT,
    Yeah! We always like girls outing..

  5. Ya...lesser gossips when we grow up...feel nicer isnt it :)

  6. Hi.... Wondering if u can give me the info of ur homestay in rome?


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