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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day 9 in UK - 18.07.09 (Saturday) - PART 2

We continue our journey by visiting Newcastle town.

While we were walking around, I saw this that took my attention. Guess what is this?

If you read the words on the wooden board, it is actually a fortune teller.

Here are part of the wording that wrote on the board:
"You will be delighted with what you are told from the crystal ball, I will read your mind as well as the cards."

"I am also a spiritual healer, you will be satisfied"

"A true Romany Gypsy"

"I will tell you the past present and future of your life"

"I have predicted for the stars. If you have any problems I can help."

Market @ Newcastle Town

Fruit Stall

We bought some fruits and cherry is my favorite @ UK. After I went to UK, I knew that we can't choose the fruits like we did at Malaysia. What you need to do is tell them which fruits you want to buy and they will take for you.

After bought some fruits, we saw a big park...

So we get a place and ate the fruits. Cherry & orange was truly sweet. The weather was really chilling and sunny, feeling great under the sun :)

Awesome street performance.

A short video of the street performance.
Sorry for the low quality video because I've compressed it from 80MB to 8MB.

China Town @ Newcastle

The Town Wall beside entrance of China Town.

We took a lot of photos at town wall.

Restaurant @ China Town. I guess the foods at there are quite expensive.

Random walking @ China Town.

Breadpoint is quite famous with its Portuguese tart and it was highly recommended by my bf.

No 13 Low Friar Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

A very simple interior.

::Mouthwatering Portuguese Tart::
~ yummy yummy ~

::Egg tart::

4 tarts and 2 drink cost total £11.38

A great tea time with bf. Thanks for the recommendation. *miss the yummy Portuguese tart*

Around 5pm, people on the street were getting less and shops were closing soon.

On the way back to hotel.

Dinner at Eye on The Tyne, it is a modern style restaurant & bar.

Eye on The Tyne
9-17 Broad Chare
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Mediterranean Vegetable & Tomato Risotto - £6.45

*Mediterranean Vegetable & Tomato in arborio rice, cooked with cream & white wine & finishes with Grana Padano cheese.*

Taste not bad but was a bit cheesy.

Hunter's Chicken - £6.45

Whole roast chicken breast & grilled bacon, topped with barbecue sauce & Taw Valley mature Cheddar, with chips or new potatoes & dressed salad garnish.

First time drank marshmallow hot chocolate, taste great & special! It seems that it was a great combination of marshmallow & chocolate :) The price was quite reasonable too, it cost only £2.

Dinner with bf only & his mum was resting at hotel.

Night view of Millennium bridge.


Day 10 in UK- 19.07.09 (Sunday)

After 3 days 2 nights at Newcastle, time to say Good BYE to this wonderful city.

I wish to visit Newcastle again in the future.

Newcastle Train Station.

Time to leave.

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  1. Welcome back to blogsphere.

    Miss ur nice photos a lot. Can't wait to read your next destination :)

  2. wow wow....like ur first picture...how u did that...

    secondly, love ur newcastle pics....wish i can bring yve and dylan to visit UK one day.

    thirdly, nice egg tarts, luckily they got sell at western country...

    lastly, enjoy ur pics and cant wait to c ur next destination pics....

  3. Dear YT,
    Thanks so much!!! I think I will stop my UK travelogue first, gonna continue with some other pending post first :)

    Dear Vialentino,
    Thanks for loving my pics & enjoying my post. I'm sure you will have the chance to bring Yve & Dylan to UK. The first pics I edited was using Photoshop.

    I guess you can get all kinds of Chinese foods at China Town. It is the matter of delicious or not.. hehe..

  4. WAH!!! Heart the egg custard tart~~ And I also want to try out the marshmallow hot chocolate; although it's common and very accessible in the western country, I never tried that yet :p

  5. Dear Bev,
    Go try out marshmallow hot chocolate. Really nice..

  6. hi there... very cool merge in your first photo! lovely captures of the city and mouthwatering egg tarts from chinatown!

  7. Dear lechua,
    Thx for ur compliment :)


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