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Saturday, June 26, 2010

When I back home on April, I told sis that I wanna go to tJantek with her. YAY! yumcha with sisters. tJantak is a cafe that located at the main street of Kuantan. I like the whole environment of this cafe. All the decoration in the cafe is really unique & classic and there are some antique deco too :)

tJantek art.music.bistro at Jalan Besar, Kuantan.

Take a glance of tJantek.

Every single corner was nicely decorated with antique style.

Cappucino RM6

tJantek Fruit Punch (mango, orange, watermelon) RM12

Spaghetti RM15

Cozy little corner

tJantek shop is quite long and there are more seats at the back. Let's have a look at the interior :)

Look very kampung style right..

This is the kitchen, quite tidy and clean.

This photo was taken by Lumix LX3.

tJantek definitely is a nice place to hang out with your love one

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  1. wahhhh...i like the inferior design here...memang tjantek

  2. A very different place. Nice one! I love all these cafe with nice ambiance.

    Oh, and the price is quite reasonable eh!

  3. wow...love the place here...so cozy lah...good to see that msia cafe are improving in their deco and interior

  4. Dear All,
    Thanks for all the lovely comments :)


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