Trip to Cameron Highlands & Ipoh

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This was the second trip with fellow colleagues to Cameron Highlands for 2 days 1 night. The first trip was a road trip to Kuantan (pending post). I think everyone was quite familiar with Cameron Highlands. My facebook newsfeed was full of the photos to Cameron & Phuket because it was a travel period. I feel regret that we don't have much time to visit Smoke House. What a waste.

We started our journey at 6 in the morning.
p/s: this photo was taken by one of my colleague - Lumix LX3 (HD feature)

First stop - Green View Garden

Photographer in action :)

My favorite shot.

Nicely captured by colleague - by Lumix LX3.

Not really taste good & not worth it.

Boh Tea Centre that you shouldn't miss out.

The ONLY group photo.

We spotted few pretty foreign lady...

... and spotted a cute boy...

... and a girl too.

Isn't she cute? INDEED!!!

Breathtaking view from Boh Tea Centre.

Passion Fruit Orange taste good and I bought a box.

We were having lunch at this restaurant.

Their trademark egg, quite special and crispy at the same time.

Overall, the foods were not bad. I'm wondering why every dishes served in a clay-pot.

After lunch, we went to a vegetable farm which own by a colleague's aunt.

My favorite broccoli - the leave is really big.

Toilet at the farm. I hope you won't feel nausea.

Mummy in action.

Must try strawberry juice at Big Red - RM5 per cup.

All photos were taken @ Big Red.

The apartment we stayed.

All of us moved out the bed and slept together in the living hall.

Honey cut comb - RM2. We bought it at night market.

Pumpkin ball, bought it at night market too - RM3 for 12.

Many stalls are selling the same foods and we were looking for the cheapest one :)

Steamboat dinner.

No Gas but using charcoal for the steamboat.

They served in really BIG portion. The price was actually around RM21 per person, thanks to colleague's aunt, we got discount which was around RM18 per person. What a great deal! Anyway, we couldn't finish the vege and it tasted bitter.

hoho... Feeling so contented.!!

We were having breakfast at one of the Chinese restaurant on the next day.

Headed to pasar (market) before we leave Cameron Highlands.

Baby carrot - one of my favorite shot @ the market.


Captured all these plant at the final stop before we headed to Ipoh.

YAY! Here are some photos which taken by me & colleague - a pair of cute baby girl & boy.


It is actually quite near to Ipoh from Cameron Highlands. So, before we headed back to KL, we went to Ipoh to try out their chicken rice and hor fun.

Restaurant that recommended by colleague who is a Ipoh-ian.

Most famous in town? hmm...

I don't think it taste good, I can get a better one in KL or Kuantan. The chicken were quite "old" and hard to eat.

I saw this shop opposite the restaurant and they are selling all kinds of tarts, cookies, xiu pao etc.

Can't deny that their pineapple tart is really nice!!!!! I've finished it in 2 days :)

Do you know that there is a drive-thru salted chicken & soya at Ipoh?

Drive-thru salted chicken

When you stop beside the road, this man will come over to take your order. RM16 for one whole salted chicken. Taste great!!

Drive-thru soya

Thumbs up!!!

We've bought a lot of things (especially foods) at Cameron Highlands and Ipoh.

It was quite a relax trip with fellow colleagues after a hectic week.

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  1. 第一张照片很熟悉的色彩

  2. OMG, that was one long long post!

    Hehe... nice photos, that shot with everyone taking photos of the flowers looked funny... I enjoy shooting flowers too <3

  3. Dear Sock Peng,
    haha.. Because you own a LX3 too.

    Dear Christina,
    Long post because I don't wanna make it to so many post. :)

  4. wah ur cameron pics so much...wah, the natural toilet pics...really just a hole only to store the loo and pee?

    nice photography shots by u

  5. Dear Via,
    Thanks for your compliment. It mean a lot to me.. :)

    The toilet ar.. hm.. I think so, didn't ask the aunt leh.. XD

  6. I tried the Strawberry strudel before too! Not as good as it seems to be like eh~

  7. Dear YT,
    Yup! You're right. Wondering where got sell Strawberry strudel.. hmmm

  8. wow......u hv a lots nice photos, really like it.

  9. reali like the pic u took...makes ipoh so beautiful !

  10. very nice trip....
    like ur blog so much...

  11. If you come again to Cameron Highlands, don't miss out this cool place- Gallery House of Magic Potions- Aromatherapy form Nano Micro-fungus. Located in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. The link page at



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