Daorae Korean BBQ

Monday, July 19, 2010

This is one of the Korean restaurant that I like the most. I've been to the one at Kota Damansara and this time, I've the chance to dine at Bandar Puteri Puchong branch. This will be a very simple post with few photos because I've introduced this restaurant before *HERE*.

Side dishes which allow to refill again and again. 
*but don't too over la although it is free..*

I went to Puchong branch twice, there are few different side dishes compared to my first visit.

This dishes taste sweet and sour, YUMMY!!

Kimchi-jigae (泡菜辣汤) - RM17
A spicy combination of belly pork, Kimchi and tofu in a rich Kimchi soup, served with rice. *MUST ORDER & TRY*

Jab Chee Bok-um-bab (韩式炒冬粉饭) -RM17
Korean glass noodle & rice pan fried with thin slices of marinated pork & assorted seasoned vegetables in a sesame oil sauce.

It was a great combination!!!! I never thought that glass noodle & rice will create such great dishes. It is a MUST TRY too.

Kimchi Bok-um-bab (炒泡菜饭) - RM17
Kimchi fried rice with fried egg. yummy... It taste a  bit spicy.

Overall, the foods were great and delicious. Daorae Korean BBQ have many branches, so go to the one that near to your place.

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  1. Yummy! I love Korean food as well :)

  2. Me three!!! I love Korean food <3 even tried to make cabbage kimchi myself =)

  3. I like Korean foods too, but isn't so popular in Hong Kong and Macau...
    Your foods pictures look so delicious!

  4. eh, didnt know they had open in kota damansara..still feel that their korean food still one of the best..


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