Floria Putrajaya

Saturday, July 24, 2010

As I know, this event will held every year. I had missed out this event last year and this year was the 2nd year. Here are some of the nice photo to share with all of you. All photos were taken with Canon D500, thanks to bf's cousin who borrow his newly dslr to me.

I'm really happy with this series of photos. It was my first attempt on waterdrop photography.


ENJOY and have a great weekend!!

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  1. I love the orchids...

    and again. Nice pics once again!

  2. wow...impressed by ur flora pics...nice waterdrop pic....dunno my lens can take that close up ler...very nice

  3. wow..simple area you can shooot till so nice..impressive eh~

  4. nice to meet u yday!
    I also like flower shooting. Just wonder if the flora event is still going on or not ?

  5. Hi there, nice to meet you yesterday :)
    I think the floral event not suitable for me to bring little Samantha to go, she will sweat like a horse =.=" (of coarse me too ^^)

  6. nice lar I mean your photos! lol!
    sorry about yesterday for being too quiet!! hehehehe... but it was grat to meet you! we shgall meet up soon yet again!:)

  7. nice flowers!!! oh i so wanna go to putrajaya :)


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