Sunday, July 04, 2010

YAY!!! I'm really happy now!!

After I've spent 2 days to explore blogger "design" function, draft my idea for the header design, test and test out again for the most suitable look for my blog, here's the outcome :) Changed to white & blue color theme because already boring with black. I didn't know that "design" function is so COOL until I explored it! and you don't need to scratch your head with those html code that you don't really know. What you need to do is just CLICK and click only! Pretty easy. Beside that, blogger provides lot of nice background picture with high resolution!!! Try it out yourself.

I've also create few tabs - delectable and travelogue. I gonna list out the restaurant and places I went before. Anyway, it is still under construction. Hope I will have more time to do it. :)  

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  1. Hi girl,love ur blog new look~
    I like your blog.
    Thanks for visiting me back the other day by the way =)

  2. nice! simple and sweet! love the header u design! i stay at serdang also! ngam..

  3. Dear all,
    Thanks so much :))) I'm really happy with my current blog skin..

    Dear Riri,
    sure sure, ask me when u need me ya!!!! :)

  4. Love your personalised blog design! Two thumbs up.

    I should try too... except that I am so not creative :(

    Anyway love ur new layout. Can't wait to read more about travel and food :)

  5. Dear YT,
    thx so much :) I dun think I'm really creative enough. XD haha

  6. Thanks Dear YT :)I will speed up my blog post :)


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