i-City ♥ It's Always On (II)

Monday, July 12, 2010

I hope all of you like the bokeh effect photos which I took at i-City. Here are more photos to share with everyone of you.There are 2 parts in i-City - indoor and outdoor. For the indoor, there are mainly Christmas and Chinese New Year theme lighting.

We took around an hour to reach i-City.

Sadly, the lights on the Christmas tree didn't on. I wondered why.

Indoor - Christmas theme

Indoor - Chinese New Year theme.

i-City is truly a nice city with colorful lighting. Go and experience it yourself. Actually I don't really satisfied with the photo outcome. Anyway, I still hope that you will enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Photos consider very nice dy with G-9, ganbateh ya!

  2. wah....nice picture ler....din know shah alam got such a place leh.

    btw, for the food one...if got slot, will propose u...cause the invite is not from me...if from me, will include u for sure.

  3. Dear uLi,
    Thanks! Will working harder!!! :)

    Dear Via,
    Thanks. Since you know dy (from my blog), then you should bring ur family there.

    Thanks first for the invite. Will go if got the chance.. :)

  4. This is so nice!!!

    I wonder if it's that nice in real or is it because the photos look nice. Sometimes I realized photos are better than reality :P

  5. Dear YT,
    Actually in real also quite nice. All the photos I took in i-city is non-edit. All are original from my camera. Sometimes what you see in the photos but different from real because we have "framed" it up :)

  6. u have a wonderful night with i-city~

  7. Dear Yuki Sis,
    Terima Kasih!!! :)

    Dear BB_hwiyee,
    Yeah! I had a wonderful night :)


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