Mayday Concert

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mayday concert on 5th of June 2010 at Bukit Jalil in-door stadium

We reached there around 6.30pm.

We meet a lot of friend there. These are the friends from hometown :)

Have a look at the lady on the right. Look familiar? She is our local tv host - xiao mi (小米)

We bought RM168 ticket, since Wei Wei used student card (20%) and we got it just for RM135. p/s:Yeah! We still keeping our student card after graduate. hehe... Anyway, we got the chance to sit at RM300+ area. Thanks to Esther - the girl in pink. She got a lot of FREE tickets.. She's C.U.T.E!!

 Accidentally meet KS and his gf - Yuki after the concert.

We're ready to go in to the stadium.

Ding Dang was on of the guest. I like her voice so much. She sang really well in 我是一只小小鸟。

Aishin really handsome!!!!!

After encore twice, the concert finally end at 11pm. They sang really well and I was enjoyed!!! After the concert, Wei Wei brought me to ate special chicken pau (鸡窝包) at Sri Petaling.

p/s: All the photos above were edited by Wei Wei.

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  1. Wow....nice concert! I long time x go to watch concert dy :P

  2. This post reminds me of their concert in Stadium Merdeka back in 2003/2004. I was there as an usherer, though I have close up view on them, but I din't manage to snap any photos with them... T_T

    Anyway, I bet you had lotsa fun! ;)

  3. MayDay! My cousin will be dead in jealousy reading this!

    Concert is really different than watching from TV. The atmosphere is so much more "happening"!!!

  4. Dear uLi,
    This was my first time!!! :)

    Dear Hayley,
    Yeah! I really have lotsa fun with my bff~~~

    Dear YT,
    haha!!! My friends also crazy with them~~~~~ They like Aishin soooo much..

  5. Wow, u're a huge fan of Mayday? I like Ding Dang, she's such a good singer =)

  6. Dear Christina,
    I'm not their fan, and I'm not any fan of any singer :) I went there just to accompany my bestie.. and I'm enjoyed. I didn't make the wrong decision to follow her to the concert. haha

  7. i missed the concert!!!nice pictures again!!


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