Nirwana Banana Leaf, Bangsar

Friday, July 16, 2010

Few years ago, bf brought me to Restaurant Nirwana at Bangsar to try their famous banana leaf. When I first ate, I really like it. Their shop always fill will lotsa customers. So after few years, I went back again. Unfortunately, the taste doesn't same like before. *sad* I hope they will improve and I will return for sure :)

Nirwana banana leaf - right opposite Bangsar Village II.

3 different dishes with white rice. All the dishes were vegetable.

Fried Squid.

My favorite pepadam.

Oppsss.. is dinner time...

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  1. i wanna fried octopus :) hahaha :) not the paul though...haha

  2. there's a cafe @ bangsar, Alexis, i like their tiramisu !! shud reali give it a try!

  3. My regular lunch place over the Fri :D

  4. Dear Bell,
    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Dear Chenlin,
    Pepadam is some kind of keropok. Mostly available on Indian Foods.


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