Pipit Wonderful Market 2010

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Back to 15th of May. It was Pipit Wonderful Market event. Actually, I didn't think to go. Since my bff was part of this event, so I went to support her! This event was held at Central Market.

What is so special about Pipit Wonderful Market? At this market, there are stalls that selling their handmade stuffs. For sure, the price is not really cheap though because it is handmade and it is unique. You can't find it anywhere unless "pirated" by others la.. (p/s: most of the photos were taken by bff)

The stalls were setting up at Annexe Gallery, Central Market.

Nice design.

Small space and so crowded.

Let's have a look at their creative stalls and handmade stuffs.

All were really nice, beautiful and creative..

Making Coffee

My bff, together with all the photograph taken by her. All photos were nicely taken in a creative way :)

This stall was belong to my bff and a friend of mine too. He and bff share a stall. Another friend of mine was selling handmade art that spray on hats, shoes etc.

KevinMuji (my friend) and Wei Wei (my bff)

One of his art piece.

Nice right? and she captured every single photo in a very creative way and idea.

Wei Wei's cousin and friends who came over to support her too..

There was also an Aids campaign going on. Everyone was given a chance to take a photograph with different Aids slogan.

Wei Wei and friends.

Presented in a creative way :)

Love you, Nailgirl.

Like this pic  ♥

After that, we went to Old Town for lunch.

I knew some crazy and fun friends :)

What I'm doing?

Arranged all the photos which taken by bff.

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  1. Oh so nice la all the crafts, I think my fren participated in this pipit market too :)

  2. hey yvonne...like ur pics a lot....

    oh yeah...those invite are by other foodies one...so i just tag a long...interested?

  3. wow very nice... :) wish i was there with you guys :)

  4. Ur friend's photos are really W.O.W!

    I want to go to this event too! Handmade stuff are always unique and nice!


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