She's 25th

Thursday, July 15, 2010

She's my bff. 12th of June was her birthday so I decided to celebrate with her on birthday eve. We had dinner together at Daorae, Puchong branch. 

Daorae is a Korean BBQ Restaurant. It was her first time dine at Daorae and she was so happy that I'm brought her over. She love the foods there, so do I.

This Korean waiter is cute.

She like to act emo in front of the camera.

She's so busy.. Because I keep asking her to eat eat eat!! haha...

She dress up so lovely for the dinner. Thanks, bff!!

Me and friends gave her a surprise at Neway, Puchong.

Present, from me to her.

Cheese Cake, yum yum...

♥ ♥ ♥
Nice pic of us...

Thank friends for the surprise to bff.


This photo looks like she's naked right. Haha! It was a nice pose though.

Busying again. EAT!

Nicely edited by bff. I have forgotten what was happening that time.

Can guess what was the song we sang?

YEAP! It was Sorry Sorry and Nobody. We were truly enjoyed to the max!!! Craziest party ever!!!! I'm glad that bff enjoyed and having lots of fun too..

p/s: All the photos above were edited by Wei Wei.

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  1. i quite like daorae korea BBQ...fuds nt bad...
    and tat birthday cheese cake look so delicious...
    nice pICss too..hehe

  2. I love Daorae as well, tried the one at Tanjung Bungah Penang. All the waiters are friendly too!

    Love your picts and nice celebrations!

  3. So nice! LoL at the last photos of u all dancing. So cute!

    Long time I never have a huge gang outing already :(

  4. Hi pretty,
    My Taiwan trip is actually very laid back and I actually did not see/do too much there. Not sure if u will like our arrangement :P but I won't mind sharing with u all the details etc. Planning for a vacation there?

    Wonder if u can add me on msn? Wanna ask u about Rome actually. :)

  5. 可以知道你用什么software来edit 照片??

  6. Lovely celebration. Happy Belated Birthday to your fren too :)

  7. i am 25th!
    haha thank u applegal! love u forvever!


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