♥ Arrival to Edinburgh - Arthur's Seat ♥

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, the second largest city in Scotland after Glasgow and the seventh-most populous in the United Kingdom. It is located in the south-east of Scotland. I've fallen in love with Edinburgh once I stepped out from the train station because it is the most beautiful city I've visited around UK.

Day 10 in UK- 19.07.09 (Sunday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80

We have reached Edinburgh Waverly Station after 3 hours journey from Newcastle Metro Centre Station. The normal rate of the ticket was £20.55 and we got it for £13.60 because we got Young Persons Railcard  (age 16-25) from National Rail which help us to save 1/3 on fares across Britain.

 The Scotsman is a luxury Scottish Hotel and it was the first building I saw after arrived at Edinburgh.

I heard that Edinburgh will be much more windy compare to the other city I've visited because of the location which located at the south-east of Scotland. Anyway, it was still the same for me, nothing different compared to other city.

This is Edinburgh New Town and there is an Old Town at the other side of Edinburgh (will show it on the next post).

Scott Monument on Princes St.

We stayed at MacDonald Holyrood Hotel. This 4 Star hotel set in Edinburgh's historic old town which combines the convenience of the city centre with the restfulness of a quiet location. We took a cab to the hotel and it cost us £4.80.

Lobby - MacDonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh

 A cute little girl we meet in the hotel. She's lovely and look like a barbie doll :)

The total cost of the booking was £216 for a 4 days 3 nights stay in a classic double room.  After we have placed our luggage, time to explore this magnificent city. So, we have decided to visit Arthur's Seat which not far from the hotel we stayed.

Our Dynamic Earth
A centre that have over 14 immersive galleries take us on a journey to discover planer Earth's dramatic past, present and explore its undetermined future. Behind of the Dynamic Earth is Arthur's Seat.

Scottish parliament building

On our way to Arthur's Seat

The staff from the hotel told us that Arthur's Seat is the city's highest climb (251 meter). Yeah! We gonna take the challenge :) Maybe you feel that it is a waste to climb a mountain at Edinburgh? But you're wrong, we really enjoyed because the weather was really chilling. The best part was we didn't get sweat.

In the middle of Arthur's Seat.

We took around 30 minutes to reach the top of Arthur's Seat.

Part of the Edinburgh city :) 

♥ ♥ ♥

It was really windy and I almost blow away by the wind.

After that, we back to hotel for shower and ready to explore the other side of Edinburgh - Old Town and time to find a place for our dinner.


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  1. Wow! Really a nice place. And yes, the girl looks like a Barbie doll oh....

  2. cool! never been to western country before! the scenery looks really nice and attractive!

  3. Wow! Beautiful Edinburgh New Town and Authur's Seat!! Seems everything are so nice and nature in europe!
    I think this is a great trip, waiting for your next post!

  4. Hello Yvonne, wow! You're in Scotland?
    Pity I never went there the many times I was in England, preferred Paris instead, ha ha.
    I enjoyed looking at your well taken pics. Outstanding! And you look great!
    Have fun and stay easy, Lee.

  5. Agree with you that Edinburgh is a beautiful city, especially if you love ancient buildings. I super love the old town, can't wait for your next post.

    Now u made me miss Europe so so so much!

  6. Wow, nice! it's indeed a beautiful place!

  7. Edinburgh is like my first home in Britain!
    It's where all my journey started.
    My uni was in Edinburgh so I know the city pretty well.
    But the most beautiful parts of Scotland are all in the Highlands.

    I spent a lot of my weekends there!

  8. wooo..s yok loh..get to travel till so far..~

    wish wihs wish..n dream dream dreamm..

  9. Ha ha... Yes, that's right. You can see those Highland Cows up there.
    The furthest part of Scotland I've ever been is Isle of Skye.
    It's a really, really beautiful place!

    I finished my studies a very long time ago.
    Then, worked for a couple of years.
    Continued my studies in MSc.
    Worked again.
    And then studied again...
    Now working! Ha ha...

    I'm planning to go to Japan...
    Enough of UK at the moment.


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