Floria Putrajaya (Pt 2)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

First post about Floria Putrajaya is at HERE

There were 2 parts in this Floria event - outdoor and indoor. At the previous post, I've posted the photos taken at outdoor and this post will be showing everything indoor.

Taiwan was taking part in the competition and they won gold / first prize in "Outstanding Display Floral Pavilion". Let's see how was their decoration.

GOLD - Outstanding Display Floral Pavilion
Impressive right?

This was the artwork from Japan name "Koji Ninomiya".

From Australia name "Australian Garden for the Tropics"

Flower Power - "Colour Inspiration"

Flower Power - "Peacock in the Tropic"
This was the most impressive artwork that I like.

Flower Power - "Cute Chrysanthemum"

This artwork won gold prize in another category.


Vegetable and fruits concept.


Part of the artwork some contestant. All the artwork were really good and impressive.

All are my colleagues.

If you have miss out the Floria 2010, then be sure you won't miss out again next year :)
p/s: more photo @ my facebook.

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  1. So gonna bring my mum there next year. She loves flowers. Think she will enjoy it :)

  2. Hello Yvonne, Wow! Other people take pictures. You create pictures. I love your beautiful shots here. Outstanding!
    Holy Smoke! The people who organized this are really very creative people....love the beautiful presentations, and you brought it to live with your own creative shooting.
    Well done, Yvonne.
    Have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  3. Is it a flower show? these indoor pictures are great!

  4. Dear YT,
    Yeap, bring your mum here next year

    Dear uLi,
    Thanks :)

    Dear Sock Peng,

    Dear Uncle Lee,
    You're too generous dy!!! Anyway, thank so much for your praising!!!! I'm really happy with what you had told me :) This event held every year and this was 2nd year.

    Dear Rafael Lam,
    This is an flora event and there will be some flora exhibition and competition between country from Malaysia, Japan, Australia etc :) Thank for your complimentary..


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