Mooncake + Ramadan Special Set @ Sime Darby Convention Centre

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The inclusion of Yee Sang in Ramadan?? Yes, indeed. Yee Sang is not longer the food that only serve during Chinese New Year, it is now been included into the Special Ramadan Set introduced by SDCC - all hails the spirit of 1 Malaysia !!

China Treasure at Sime Darby Convention Centre offer a wide range of Ramadan Special Set at RM398++ for 6 persons and RM568++ for 10 persons which available throughout this Ramadan. There were 10 of us, so we had set RM568++.

China Treasure at 1st floor,  Sime Darby Convention Centre

We were lucky enough to have a private room for the dinner - Lotus. So we can have some private chat and laugh like nobody business :)

Nice set up for the dinner :) 

Chinese Tea


Beside Ramadan set dinner, SDCC also featuring a mouthwatering feast Malaysian bazaar treats in a stall-like concept. Before the dinner start, we walked around and hunt for delectable local foods.

The hall was packed and I saw many families break fast at here which create a warm and sweet atmosphere.

The chef and team prepared a variety of dishes.

noam.. noam.. noam...
The satay taste great especially dipped with the aroma & crunchy peanut gravy.

After a short "tour" at the bazaar, we proceed to our Ramadan Special Set dinner.

Ramadan Yee Sang (开斋鱼生)
It actually look almost the same Yee Sang we have during Chinese New Year. So what makes it so special? There was some additional ingredients in preparing this Yee Sang. Guess what? Yes, dates (kurma)!

Puree of winter melon with seafood (海鲜冬耳羹)
The simmering soup let out a delightful aroma of the winter melon and other ingredients were added too - prawns, mushroom, scallops etc.

Shallow Fried Crispy Chicken (脆皮烧鸡)

Braised prawns with Chef's homemade sauce (香柠奶沙虾球)
This was the most delicious prawns I ever had.

There were strawberry, raisins, grapes &  kidney beans. You might feel that the combination is weird but it was actually taste really great! Thumb up for this dishes and to the chef too!

Steamed Patin "Shanghai" Style (剁椒蒸巴丁鱼)

Sauteed Baby kai lan with belacan (马来盏炒菜胆)

Steamed beancurd with black bean sauce (鼓汁蒸豆腐)

Mooncake Platter (月饼双拼)
Some sweet tooth after the dinner - Traditional bakes moon cakes (left) & Macadamia snow skin moon cakes (right). *yum yum* Beside Ramadan Special set and bazaar, SDCC is selling mooncake at reasonable and cheap price too.

Tiramisu moon cake

Green Tea moon cake

Mocha moon cake

Double egg yolk moon cake

Order the above Ramadan special set (RM398 for 6 persons and RM569 for 10 persons) and you are entitle to purchase 1 box of moon cake (4 pcs) of your choice at RM10++. YES!!! It is RM10++ only!!!

All the moon cakes are selling at RM12.50 per piece and each set consists of 4 moon cakes, you will get a custom-designed box.
  • 8th August - 7the September, RM49.90 per set
  • 8th September - 22 September, RM59.90 per set

When you purchase 5 sets and you will receive 1 free set. Personally, I think that SDCC always give us a great deal with a reasonable price which everyone could afford. Wish everyone will have a great  and memorable break fast moment with the loved one.

Sime Darby Convention Centre
1A, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 KL.
Tel : 03-2089 3668
(parking is ample and free)

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  1. Ramadan Yee Sang? sound so special~haha~
    those food very attractive ~and the mooncake~mmmmm~

  2. Ya, Ramadhan yee sang? Really something I heard for the 1st time! Guess our Malay friends also started to love chinese tradition food! hehe :)

  3. Wah, really 1Malaysia concept hehehe.

    I want the Green Tea mooncake... I want I want I want I want!!!! Gimme now!!! Gimme gimme gimme!

    Sorry... went a bit crazy. All ur fault I am drooling now :(

  4. 鱼生?walao~

    really one malaysia lo ~hahaha

  5. I love the green tea moon cake , very dense flavor~

  6. The moon cake must be very nice and tasty :)

  7. i want mooncake!!!! send a box to brazil pls... pandan or lotus

  8. so many ppl 1 loh..miss it..aii,

    mooncake lagi tempting~

  9. yumm i miss the mooncakes already *drool*

  10. wow all the foods there...delicious!


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