Sek Hou @ Berjaya Time Square

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It was a lovely Sunday. Me and bf went to Time Square to support my bff's C+C event. It was something similar to Pipit Wonderful Market. She was selling her handmade stuff at there and she told me that many local DJ, VJ and even celebrity visited her stall and bought from her. 
After that, we went to Sek Hou for our lunch. SEK HOU is a restaurant that provides more than 200 types of Chinese, Western, Hong Kong, Malay and mixture of east/west selections in the set menu. (source) It is located at Level 3, Berjaya Time Square.

We choose to have Chinese & Thai food here.

Hundred-Flavour Tea - RM7.50
The menu stated "MUST TRY", so we ordered this. It can be share with 2 person because the drink was quite big.

"La-mian" with sliced abalone & seafood in Tom Yam soup - RM11.90
SEE! Tom Yam again, I told you about this in the previous post right. Taste not bad! Worth to try it.

Jing Jiang paste spare Rib & stir fried three-tier pork - RM12.90

Chicken - RM3.90
It written in Chinese - 毛家古法秘制主席鸡. We don't know what is so special about this chicken. Since it cost only RM3.90, so we have a try. Conclusion, it taste normal only.

Anyway, give it a try if you happen to be around here.

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  1. RM3.90 is really cheap for the chicken lolz 毛家古法秘制主席鸡...did you think about 毛泽东when you taste the chicken? lolz

  2. The 'Jing Jiang paste spare Rib & stir fried three-tier pork ' looks rather interesting.. is it nice?

  3. Opening your blog during work hours is a wrong decision, esp when I skipped breakfast!!! Now I am super duper hungry and it's all ur fault :'(

  4. Dear Feeling,
    LOL.. the chicken is cheap but the size is small..

    Dear Hayley,
    It taste normal.. Nothing so special.

    Dear YT,
    muahahhaaa... I'm evil one. :D

  5. i tried at this restaurant a year ago, and it really makes me sick ler...
    I've order ... fried rice? sorry i couldn't remember and it tasted so salty and i finally found a few pieces of bulky salt =.= in the rice

    perhaps the chef was not in a good mood that day :D

  6. yummy^^ it look's very nice~

    so sweet, wanna make dessert for ur dear.
    but i dono how to make it.
    have to ask my bf. because he make from working place.

    ur bf sure will feel very touch have girl friend like u^^

  7. Hi Yvonne, was at Hayley's place noticed your name, thought my friend, another Yvonne, changed her header pic.
    Anyway, nice blog you have.
    Love the dishes. Looks sinfully delicious too.

    Have fun, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  8. hey..why are the dishes so cheap?? now i m drooling... :p


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