Gala Launch of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2010 @ Sunway Convention Centre

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magical Chef!

That's the theme for 2010 in celebrating ten years of the region's longest running and best known fine dining event - the award-winning Malaysia International Gourmet Festival.

If you love fine dining, then you shouldn't miss out this post :) Throughout the whole of October, the Festival Restaurants will have fabulous foods with great prices and lots of offers too. This year, there are 30 restaurants are taking part in MIGF and all of us will be spoil for choice.

Feeling great that I got an invitation to attend the Gala Launch of MIGF 2010 which held at Sunway Convention Centre. The event was really grand and a real eyeopener cause I'm standing in the middle of the upper classes. Everyone

An awesome welcoming performance from fellow chefs. All the cooking accessories & tools became the musical instrument. Watch the video below for the awesome performance.

The media.

All restaurants were nicely decorate with their own theme.
Next, proudly present the delectable festive foods :)

If you thought this is a plant and can't eat then you're wrong. This is one of the way they present the foods. Creative right? :)

Pool dance

Pretty girl :) She posed in front of my cam when she saw me..

After the foods tasting sessions, there was a press conference with Dato' Steve Day who is the Chairman of organising MIGF.

Dato Steve told us about the idea and whole concept of MIGF 2010.

A sweet gift we got after the press conference. Guess what is inside the box?

Ta.. da...
A nice set to enhance my dining table :)

Discount Vouchers :)

For more information about MIGF, please visit Be sure to enjoy the festive menu throughout the October and feel free to share with me if you have visit any of them.

A Magical Dining Experience.

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  1. I hate when I see dessert and CANNOT eat them! Bah! Bad MM!!! Evil blog! Gonna shut it down and go cry at one corner :P

  2. coem you got discount vouchure i don have eh..:(

    this year got more choices d~

  3. Look back the photo, I feel that I ate very little that night, haha XD

  4. Malaysia is indeed a food paradise!!
    The only thing I miss fro home is probably the food! Ha ha!


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