Malacca Trip 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

vN's Malacca post remind me that I still haven't blog about my Malacca trip. All the photos were nicely store in my "pending post" folder. It was a 2 days 1 night trip after Port Dickson.

We stayed in Beuford Hotel which located at Taman Melaka Raya. Coffee and tea is free for refill! Let's take a tour at the room we stayed. I was shock when I first stepped into the room. We booked family suite (if I'm not mistaken) which cost RM376 per night.

The first thing I saw when I stepped into the room - small living room with television attached on the wall.

Next to the living room is a bed room - 2 single bed.

2 single bed

Door on the left - toilet & door on the right - another room.

This is the room with television attached on the wall too.

The bathroom is really big lo...

SEE!! Got jacuzzi some more..

Time to feed our stomach. We went to Kedai Kopi Chung Wah to settle our lunch.

It was 3pm already but still many customer.

After lunch, we headed to Jonker 88 for dessert!!!

My favorite - mango ais kacang.

The weather at Malacca is always HOT! and I felt refreshing after ate the ice kacang :)

I will buy pineapple tart at this shop whenever I come to Malacca. So far, I think this is the only shop at Malacca that bake nicer & fresh-from-oven's pineapple tart (others I don't really know la.. ) and I bought 4 boxes :) *thrilled*

See! bf was holding the pineapple tart!!! p/s: RM12 per box.

I told them, SATAY CELUP is a MUST in this trip because I didn't try satay celup before although I had came to Malacca for more than 5 times. *sad right?* One of the famous satay celup in town - Ban Lee Siang.

Satisfied already!!! :)

It was around 6pm and the shop already filled with customers. Their business is really good!!

Dinner at 9pm+ @ Portuguese Settlement. It was a seafood feast!

Mango Lime Juice
Taste good and I asked for second cup.

Ikan Bakar - you couldn't miss it when you travel to Malacca.

Satay Kambing - thumbs up!

Salty Crabs - the crabs were really fresh.


Fried sotong and kangkung.

Darren on the right together with his friend & bf. Thanks for the treat from the girl's bf. The dinner was truly great and all of us enjoyed makan!! I wanna go back again when I go to Malacca :)

p/s: I will go to Malacca again for this Raya! It seems like travel to Malacca is a must in every year :) I don't mind because Malacca got a lot of yummylicious foods.

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  1. hahaha=)) are u so desperate to update your blog? published at 3.35am?!!!

    Btw, the accommodation looks nice.. some more the bathroom attached with jacuzzi?! what the hell, my last time to Melaka, we stayed at suite (Makhota Hotel) as well but was so lousy and the price was almost the same as your.. @.@

  2. crabssssssssssssssssssss i heart crabs!!!! ops i wanna go back to malacca once i am back home!!!

  3. What a nice trip, you guys have fun!

  4. wah...lots of food and very nice trip pics!

  5. Used to travel down to Malacca for food pretty often... Miss everything in Malacca!! >.<

  6. Melaka! Nice post!

    The hotel looks great maybe I should go Melaka again and eat the Satay Celup...

    Ur photos are all very nice ler! I want to go too!

  7. yer... your hotel so nice..
    next round go there must stay there liau.. got double sink and jacuzi some more...


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