Trip to Miri, Sarawak

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First time..... it was my first time to Sarawak for 3 days 2 nights but cause of the cancellation of the flight at Mulu, it became a 4 days 3 nights trip. We stayed at Miri for 1 day and went to Mulu on the second day. Anyway, will blog about Miri only at this post.

First time fly with MAS airline - RM410 for 2 ways.

Breakfast at KLIA while waiting our flight - 8.30am.

Foods provided by MAS airline. *Got Ferrero Rocher leh :)

It took around 2 hours to reach Miri airport. Once we reached Miri airport, Darren came and picked us. Oh ya, there were 4 of us - me, bf and his parents. After lunch, Darren brought us to Crocodile Farm. It sounds a bit boring right? Actually it was quite fun, you will have the chance to see HUGE crocodile.. real HUGE!!!!

Cute right...

SCARY!!!! This crocodile was really HUGE!!!! and you can't imagine it..

Hill Myna
When they saw us, they greet us with "Asamualaikum" and "sudah makan ke?".. So smart..

Common Porcupine

Bear Cat

The weather was quite hot. So after Crocodile Farm, Darren brought us to have some refreshing dessert at one of the Taiwan Cafe.
walk along the beach and the weather was so windy :)
That's Darren on the right.

 There are so many big garden and park at Miri.

SUPPER time!!!

Normally, chopsticks and spoon will put in a bowl but at Miri, they put into a cup.

Crabbie meehon... First time tried it. Thumbs up!
Fresh prawns.
p/s: one of the MUST VISIT at Miri is bungalows and semi-D. You can't imagine how big and awesome is the bungalows. You won't have the chance to see terrace house in the city beside semi-D. Those bungalows are really really really big!!! Hardly to explain here, it is better to see it yourself..

End of day one.
Gonna rest early because tomorrow we will fly to Mulu early in the morning.

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  1. Very ncie trip! I like those cute animals!

    I'm very interesting to visit Miri now!

  2. I never been to Sarawak before..
    You made me feel like going there.. LOL ^^

  3. aww... rm 410?? can consider!!! anyway i will plan to visit sarawak once i am back home next year

  4. wow!! i miss sarawak food~
    MAS service really good wor, flight to miri also provided such nice food !!! next time can consider...

  5. Nice animals shots! I love squirrels... they're so so cute >.<"


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