Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine @ Pavilion, KL (MIGF Menu)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

If you have read the previous 2 post - Gala Launch of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, you will know that throughout October 2010, there is a variety of festival menu prepared by 30 different restaurants. Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine which located at 6th floor of Pavilion, KL is one of the restaurant in the list. Lebanese cuisine which is origin from Lebanon is quite fresh to me because it was my first time having Lebanese cuisine.

Sneak preview of the festival menu which prepared by the chefs @ Al-Amar.
*p/s: the above photo was provided by MIGF*

*this photo was provided by MIGF*

The interior is quite unique and cozy.

Chef area..

4 course-meal which consists 7 different dishes for RM98++ per pax (without wine) and RM128++ per pax (with wine).

Cold Mezze Palette

(from left to right) 
Pink Hommos - Mashed chick peas, sesame seed paste  with a touch of their special spices, lemon juices and olive oil. *Yvonne's note: taste a bit sour but really like to eat it together with the pita bread.

Moutabbal with Avocado - Mashed grilled eggplant with sesame seed paste, lemon juice combined with fresh avocado and a touch of garlic drizzled with olive oil. *Yvonne's note: Directly put into the mouth. Yum!!! of coz, serve it together with the pita bread if you want. This Moutabbal taste a bit sour too :)

Rocket Beetroot Salad - A salad with Rocket, beetroot, chopped onions, sumak and an infusion of mustard dressing. *Yvonne's note: Dipped the pita bread with mustard.

When the Cold Mezze Palette served in front of me, the first thing came into my mind was "How should I eat this?" Hhmmm... What do you think? Any idea?

Yeap! Pita Bread to eat it together the Cold Mezze Palette. The bread was freshly from oven and it served while it is hot. Mmmm... yummy..  The waiters keep on refilled the pita bread. Their service was really good!

Chateau Musat Jeune Rose 2007, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Chateau Kefraya Blanc de Blanc 2008, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Arak Chateau Kefraya

After the first starter, you could have a cup of Rose wine. It was my first time taste Rose and not bad! It taste a bit smooth and you will feel your tongue getting warm after you keep continue to drink it. If you don't wanna try Rose wine, then it is alright. Al-Amar is good enough to provide some other choices for their customer.

Lebanese spicy sausages poised on a quail egg served with pomegranate sauce.

Shrimp Falafel

Chickpeas and split pea fritters stuffed with a whole king prawn accompanied with a pistachio Tarator sauce. It was crispy at the outer and the contented ingredients inside.

Here are the main course and you could choose one out of two different dishes.
1st, Steamed Roll of stuffed Chicken Breast
Steamed chicken breast aromatized with rosemary and stuffed with chicken liver serve with pureed corrots

2nd, Grilled Kafta
Minced lamb kafta resting on a bed of rosti served with apricot paste. I like the rosti :)

Arak Chateau Kefraya
Chateau Musar Cuvee Rouge 2004, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

After the main course, let's have a cup of Arabian alcohol and they named it Arak. They told us that the color of the arak is actually transparent and it turned into white color after they mixed with water.

Aish El Saraya
A creamy pudding topped with postochios and a mix of fruity sauce. Dessert at the end of the festival menu dishes. Sweet and crispy at the same time :)

Lebanese Coffee
Mint Tea

A very mini cup of Lebanese Coffee.. The aromatic of the coffee urge me to have another cup :)

Coco - doesn't she look alike an Hong Kong artist name Shu Qi (舒淇)?
She look 90% like Shu Qi in real.. :)

This festival menu in Al-Amar is available throughout October. Make sure you don't miss it if you like Labanese cuisine. If you didn't try Labanese Cuisine before, then this is the time. Enjoy Makan ya~

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine
Lot 6.10, Level-6,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2166 1011

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  1. indeed it was a lovely meal for all of us ah..:D

  2. The Arak really make me shocked when I had my 1st sip, never drink such strong alcohol b4 !

  3. lovely pictures. Ur friend does really look like Shuqi~

  4. wahliow...i miss this food review event...the food seriously looks yummy

  5. Love the wine and their kebabs!

  6. Very nice restaurant and food! Great pictures and description too!

  7. I'd like to try Lebanese one day!
    I've come across so many of them in London, but never ventured any further.
    Having said that, I have tried Afghan food in London.
    Bit like Indian but creamier!

  8. Never tried Lebanese food before but the environment looks nice!

    Err... btw, u look awesome in these pic :)

  9. wow wow wow what a fine restaurant ya :) i like the chandelier :) awesome ambience

  10. Aiyoh... I just taken my dinner and I'm hungry again >.< Recommend me some awesome restaurants next time when I'm homed ;) You're a food expert now!

    p/s: thanks for your comment ya~~ so sweet of you!

  11. every dishes are finely made...


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