Bewitching Halloween @ Tony Roma's

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween is around the corner. To be honest, I never celebrate Holloween or even go for party with my friends. I would say that Halloween is a festival for foreign people in western country. However, this festival seems like not strange to us anymore. This year, you have the chance to experience an American Halloween at Tony Roma's.
Get Bewitched at Tony Roma's

Halloween decoration @ Tony Roma's, eCurve

This menu are only available for 3 days which starting from 29th October until 31st October 2010.

These are kinds of beverage and foods that Tony Roma's prepared for this Halloween. You couldn't miss out the pumpkin for this Halloween, that's why Tony Roma's have prepared a pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. This is so-Halloween, right.

COME DRESS UP! Patrons who visit Tony Roma's and dine with their scary Halloween outfits on the 31st October will receive a free Howlin' Pimpkin Pie. However, if you don't dare to dress up, you can also order any 2 main entress and you will receive the pie for free. p/s: The PR told me, you don't have to really dress up with scary Halloween outfits. A demon hair band will do also :) or ... maybe a witches hat? hehe..

Witches Brew - RM25.90

A spellbinding blend of Midori, sky vodka, captain morgan spiced rum, pineapple & cranberry juices and ice cubes, topped wtih a gummy worm. A Real dare-to-try Cocktail!!! Dare you??

Vampire Kiss - RM12.90

A blodd-chilling Mocktail shaken with strawberry puree, lemon, roma sour mix, topped with sprite and decorated with a fresh strawberry & lemon wedge. I like this drink because it taste sweet compare to the Witches Brew.

* p/s: photo credit to Mr. Bok *
Pipin' Hot Pumpkin Soup - RM8.90 (bowl)/ RM7.90 (cup)

This delectable smooth creamy soup made with fresh pumpkin and yellow onions, seasoned with white pepper, chicken stock and topped with bread cubes & parsley would certainly calm your devilish side. You can get a bowl/cup of pumpkin soup at RM5.90/RM3.90 if you order together with an entree.

Howlin' Pumpkin Pie - RM8.90

Sweet pumpkin coated with sugar, cream, vanilla essence, cinnamon & ginger powder in a freshly baked tart shell and topped with Vanilla ice-cream & caramel sauce. The mouth-watering pumpkin pie is a MUST for this Halloween. The pie was served while it is still hot! yum yum

Tony Roma's 10 Beef Ribs - RM129.90

YEAP! 10 RIBS here! It cost only RM99.90 when you dine on Monday.

BBQ 1/2 Chicken - RM29.90

A juicy, half chicken basted in Original barbecue sauce and charbroiled. Served with french fries and coleslaw.

Tony Roma's Fish Grill - RM39.90

For this dish, you can choose the "fillets" that served up fresh for you, "flavor" and "finish" to enhanced with one of their four signature toppings. The fillet we had was grilled pacific cod with tomato pesto salad.

Bring along your partner, family and friends to have your ghoulish gathering this Halloween at Tony Roma's. For reservations, please kindly call: Sunway Pyramid 03-7492 1188, e@Curve 03-7728 7833, Pavilion KL 03-2143 3278, The Gardens 03-2282 8243

Thanks to Tony Roma's for the invitation and all of us were given a RM30 gift voucher.

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  1. wow the Witches Brew looks interesting XD

  2. i want the pumpkin soup eh.. i eat your portion..kekek

  3. Dear 蛋塔兔,
    YEAH! Look interesting.. but I would prefer the mocktail - Vampire Kiss :) hehe

    Dear BigBoysOven,
    YEAP! XD

    Dea taufulou,
    T.T huhu~~~ sad.. missed it..

  4. nice food again^^
    the boot is my sis bought from taiwan neh~

  5. I like the worm on the witches' brew :D So eerie but cute :P


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