Dynasty Restaurant @ Renaissance Hotel, KL (MIGF Menu)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dynasty Restaurant at Renaissance Hotel is one of the Festival Restaurant in Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2010. Their chef - Tan Kim Weng will be amaze diners with a prolific 7-course feast. Foods will be serving in an individual portioned, a la Western-style and not the traditional way where everything is served in one plate. It was a fine-dining experience in Chinese cuisine.

The majestic décor of Dynasty Restaurant befits its name. The richness of the Chinese setting and the design add a certain charm to the restaurant.

Nice dinning set

Had some nuts while waiting the foods being served.

Appetizer - Work seared scallop, golden sweet corn

Appetizer - Water apple, tossed nuts, fruity mustard

It was actually taste like the "rojak" we usually had in hawker stall.

Appetizer - Morton Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The appetizer came with a glass of wine. The taste of the wine was quite smooth. You have to finish this wine together with the appetizer because there will be a second cup of wine after they serve the starter.

Starter - Double boiled abalone soup, chinese yam, wolfberries

First time having abalone soup and it was certainly great. While we were drinking the soup, the waitress served another cup of wine to us. It was the same wine as mentioned above. Some might thought that, wine after a bowl of abalone soup? Both are totally different and how could you drink the wine after the soup? Well, it was only once a blue moon or maybe only once in my life time. So, who's care.. lol

There are 4 different dishes in the main course which served in a small portion.

Main - grilled cod, "ma po" bean curd

The cod was quite crispy and it taste special with the "ma po" style tofu together with the bitter-ground. The chef has sliced the bitter-ground into a small and thin slices. This dishes was quite fresh to me. Normally, we will cook the bitter-ground with eggs or just the bitter-ground itself. Now, I gonna try this new recipe. :)

Main - Crispy lamb roll, hawthorn berry chilli sauce

Main - Braised sea cucumber, cuttlefish juice

Main - Fragant glutinous rice, drunken garlic prawn

Main - Hunter's Marlborough Pinot Noir

Another cup of wine was served while we were having the main course. This cup of wine was taste a bit strong to me and I prefer the first wine where we were having together with the appetizer and starter.

Dessert - Sweet potatoes with avocado & orange peel and cream of pumpkin, pomelo

Coffee after the 7-course meal.

This festival menu is available throughout October. Thanks to Puan Nor Aizan for the warm and great hospitality. She got the sense of humor and she kept us laughing during the dinner.

Full Festival Menu
RM179++ per person with wines
RM129++ per person withouh wines

*Light Festival Menu
RM98++ without wine (4-course)

Dynasty Resturant
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Level 1, East Wing,
Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2162 2233

101010 ♥

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  1. I prefer the white wine too ~~ But a bit drowsy after almost finished 3 glasses of them :P

  2. woah..this is the thing you guys been talking about..

    yerr.r... mouth salivate d.. *gulp

  3. your photo shooting skill improve alot

  4. Dear Choi Yen,
    LOL.. I only able to finish 2 glasses..

    Dear taufulou,
    YEAH!!! was yummy!

    Dear Sock Peng,
    WOW! I'm so happy. Thanks and I gonna thanks to Ken - the person who always teach me the right technique to shoot photo.. :)

  5. wow the plates just caught my attention!!!! damn another awesome restaurant i would like to try once i am back home next year :)

  6. abalone soup?I want!!

    So jealous for the food u had... hehe

  7. Fui yoh! Love that red wine glass shot .....

    Can't agree with you more ... all the foods are gorgeous and make me crave for more!

  8. look yummy!! hOW NICE you may hv such wonderful dish like this!


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