Sushi Tei @ Pavilion KL

Friday, October 01, 2010

There is another sushi outlet in town. Sushi Tei celebrated the launch of its third restaurant in Malaysia at Pavilion KL on 21st September. Personally, I think Sushi Tei is quite successful because they opened 3 restaurants in Malaysia within the last 18 months - They opened at Tropicana City Mall last year, The Gardens just a month ago and this September at Pavilion.

Sushi Tei @ Pavilion - photo from Via
Wooden material has been applied on the exterior of Sushi Tei. A very simple design yet it look grand too.

Partners of Sushi Tei - Cameron Cheah & Audrey Teh

Cameron Cheah, one of the local partners of Sushi Tei decided to introduce this restaurant chain to Malaysia last year, because he often noticed long lines waiting to enter a Japanese restaurant in a neighboring country. One day, curious to have a taste of what the fuss was all about, he jumped right in and joined the queue! As soon as he tasted the quality of its sushi, sashimi and cooked items - this young entrepreneur knew that he just had to share Sushi Tei with all Malaysians.

Dai Dai Roll

“What immediately strikes you about Sushi Tei is the unique twist that it adds, to bring to life ordinary Japanese cuisine. We marry the intricacies of sashimi and the theatrical flair of teppanyaki, with an innate intuition of local tastes to forge an inimitable identity of our own,” said Audrey Teh, a partner of Sushi Tei.

Shell Crab with Fish Floss
Sushi Tei is where culinary skills and incisive expertise come together, to inspire and enhance the experience of true Japanese dining. Sushi Tei constantly challenges its chefs to create innovative dishes for its menu. Their culinary creativity flourishes within the kitchen, as they explore and expirement on how to bring out the emerging influence of Asia in modern Japanese cuisine. This enables Sushi Tei to constantly add to its assortment of scrumptious and creatively designed Japanese gastronomy, delighting aficionados of Japanese cuisine.

Hotate Misomayo
Sushi Tei is providing the best dining experience to everyone of us. They promised to make it better because they wish every customer will have a fulfilling and satisfying experience at here.

Another great deal is the foods served at there are all halal. So, mark your date and visit them now to experience the delectable Japanese foods :) and I can't wait to visit them because I'm a sushi lover!!

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  1. lovely sushi tei opening and food served there

  2. Hehe~ I just made a post about Japanese food too... Dai dai roll, soft shell crab and scallop are all my favorites!!!


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