Ting’s Café (Hainanese Food) @ SS2

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ting's Café is a cafe that serves chinese and western cuisine together. Beside that, they're serving some local foods too, like Nasi Lemak. You know what? Their Nasi Lemak with mutton curry rendang is the BEST!!! yummm....

Ting’s Café at the other side of SS2 - the row behind Sri Siam.

Today's Special Set will be written on the blackboard. Look for the special deal :)

(left) Aloe Vera drink with Honey - RM4
The drink is refreshing and most importantly, no preservative and color added. There are another 3 choices - Aloe Vera with Chrysanthemum tea, Aloe Vera with rock sugar, Aloe Vera with green tea.

(right) Ice Blended Drink - RM4.80
with selection of Passion fruit, strawberry, peppermint, champagne, honeydew, mango and sour sop

Nasi Lemak with mutton curry rendang - RM7
**Highly recommended - their curry rendang is really delicious!!!!!

Mee Rebus - RM6
with fresh prawn, tofu, chicken and eggs :)

Pork Chop Noodle - RM7

"Zha Fa Yok" (炸花肉) - RM11.50
This "zha fa yok" dip with the Mongolia sauce. The sauce is cook with milk, chili and butter. A great mixture of Chinese and western together.

Fried sausage with onion chili, eggs and ikan bilis - RM9.00

Hailam Mee Dry - RM6.50

Hailam Braised Mutton Stew (served with white rice) - RM13.90

Curry Pork Rib - RM11.50

Braised spare ribs - RM9.00
It served together with white rice or yee mee.

Black pepper pork chop - RM12.90

Ting’s Café serves really yummy foods and some Hainanese foods. Remember to give it a try when you hang over at SS2.

Ting's Café
25 Jalan SS 2/30,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7874 1749

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  1. I would like to go back to try out more!

  2. nasi lemak and zha fa yok.....damn i so wanna eat them both now!!

  3. I miss the pork curry !!!!!! Don;t mind for the Char Fa Yuk too ....


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