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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hmmmpp... If you're following my tweet, you will know that I bought a pair of heels from Charles & Keith today. Actually, I was helping Crystal to get a pair of heels that she saw in malls few days ago. Unfortunately, no stock at Sunway Pyramid outlet.

They are having sales now and I found one of the heels that I longed for. Without any hesitation, I asked the staff to get the size that I needed.

Actually it is a very simple design. Stripes with 2 different tons of brown colour.

Heights of the heels and YEAP! I look a lot taller after wearing this heels. Hehe..

Every single details were nicely made and I feel really comfortable after wearing it.

tada~~ It was RM159.90. After 30% discount >>> RM111.93.

First time bought a pair of heels that over 100 bucks. I think it is worth because I feel really comfortable and most importantly - it is Charles & Keith :D Hmm.. I mean.. at least it is a branded one and it is the first pair of designer heels I got for myself.

Accidentally saw this photo from Charles & Keith facebook fan page. It look pretty nice and good on the model :)

I can't wait to wear it for the next outing with my bf, girl friend, bff etc... I'm a happy lady today :) ♥

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  1. OMG this is super ♥♥♥!!! Nice choice m! It's good investment as it is a design that u can wear FOREVER and nv go out of fashion!

    Love it.

    I am a Charles&Keith fan myself, I hv quite a few from them!

  2. Wow J, you're fast!!! You have quite a few from them? Then I'm sure you have "invest" a lot huh.? Still, I think it is value for its price :)

  3. Superb nice Rome shoes~~good choice~i'm oso C&K fans. ^^ Singapore C&K more cheaper than here,can have a big 'invest' there.

  4. wah....expensive high heel shoes.... very famous brand!

  5. Tammy,
    Surprise that there are quite a number of C&K fans :) and ya, I'm sure Sg is more cheaper compared to M'sia outlets.

    Haha.. Yaya!!! I'm sure it is worth for its price :)

  6. Nice heels, but I not "seh tak" buy a pair of heels with 100+ lor :(

  7. Haha Choi Yen,
    Actually I also "mm seh dak" buy one but it really comfy and really nice :) Once in a blue moon pamper myself lo.. *excuse* lol

  8. OMG, the shoes are amazing !!!!!!!!

    xo lala

  9. so pretty!!! ANd it's on SALE, really worth it. I saw a nice pairs the other day. It was around RM250, too ex.. didn't buy ;(

  10. Check out the charles & keith Fall campaign 2015 collection. I find this season's design to be much better than the previous one.


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