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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 11 in UK- 20.07.09 (Monday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80

When you come to Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Castle must be in your list. It is quite worth and you will get to see a lot of nice attraction and some of their history. Since I can't visit the castle on the first day, so I managed to make it on the next day. p/s: There will be a lot photos in this post :) Less word, more photosssss

On our way to Edinburgh Castle

The astonishing Edinburgh Castle

The entrance which will lead us to the ticket counter.

It was Monday. Surprisingly, there were many people queuing at the ticket counter. Less than an hour, we got our ticket at £13 per person. You will get a cheaper rate if you book the ticket via online. The opening time is from 9.30am - 6pm during summer (1 Apr - 30 Sep) and 9.30am - 5pm during winter (1 Oct - 31 Mar).

Actually, I'm looking forward to see the "One O'clock Gun". Are you wondering what is One O'clock Gun? Let's continue and you will figure it out soon :)

Captured this photo when I was queuing at the ticket counter. This big area is normally for the Military Tattoo event which will held on August every year.

After we got our ticket, we walked quickly to the "One O'clock Gun" area.

YEAH!! We found it and it is actually not far from the entrance.

There is a numbering map key in selected area so that it will be much more easier for you to visit the castle. Each area with selected number comes with a short description.

You will see this at the One O'clock Gun area. Gather at 1pm here to see the master gunner fire the fun (every day except Sunday). Luckily I'm here today - Monday.

**The first gun was fired in 1861 to provide an audible time signal for ships in the port of Leith.**

Since there was still some time before the show begin, we walked around at the area. We could see the Edinburgh view from the castle.

The view is beyond stunning and magnificent.

with a huge mons meg.

The weather at Edinburgh is really windy!!! and I love this city!! :))))

The show will begin soon and he was preparing. If you notice, there is a clock and it was showing 12.38pm.

A handsome Scottish guy who is wearing Scottish kilt.

A short performance from the handsome guy. I've record the video but lazy upload la.. I'm sure you could found a lot of this video in youtube :)

hmmm.. it seems like not easy to blow the bagpipes.

Get ready and the show will begin soon.

I get shocked when he fired the gun.

After that, we continue to explore the other side of the castle.

The black tall building is THE HUB.

There are 2 cafes in the castle and this is one of the cafe name RedCoat Cafe.

St Margaret's Chapel - it is the oldest building in castle.

Prisons of War.

I like this part because it was really interesting to explore the life of the prisons. From their daily routines, things they do, foods they eat and they were given some rewards too. It is not scary but quite adventure. I will blog in details in coming post. So, make sure you follow my updates :)

This is one of the cafe in Edinburgh Castle - RedCoat Cafe which located next to the One O'Clock Gun. It is a self-service cafe and they have a wide range of delicious hot and cold meals, sandwiches etc. Their foods were not bad and I will blog it separately too :) stay tuned.

It almost come to the end of the visitation and exploration of the castle.

I'm gonna leave this castle with a heavy heart. *emo back pic* haha

It was Monday and not a public holiday, but still there were quite a numbers of visitors :) It seems like many people travel to Edinburgh during summer.

Another view of Edinburgh Castle and it was taken when I'm on the way to Grassmarket.

Hope you enjoy the photos :)
Have a great weekend ahead.

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  1. Nice blue sky there in Edinburgh - I bet it was chilly when the wind blew though :-)


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