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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do you still remember your very first barbie doll or toy that you please your mummy to buy for you? All the toys we played during childhood times did gave us a great memories and that will still bring a smile to our face and warm our heart too.

There is a Museum of Childhood at Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland. The shop is not really big but there are many kinds of toy which not easy to keep up. All the display toys are not only from UK or Europe country but from the childhoods of children across the world.

The admission is free.

Open: Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday during International Festival - 12pm - 5pm

All the certificates are hanging on the wall.

The best part in this museum is you could touch and play with the objects or games when you see the symbol of the teddy bear.

A very antique piano.

Some of the objects are display in a cupboard. I really like those mini toys and houses.. and I always wish to own a set of the house for my barbie doll when I'm still a little girl.

If I'm not mistaken, there are 2 or 3 floors in this museum and it is quite worth to pay a visit since it is free.

You wouldn't have the chance to see toy story's character, disney character etc here. All the objects and games display at here are very traditional and you couldn't forget it.!!! 


Few minutes ago, I saw a shout out from a friend at facebook. She says:" When I was young...I always wanted grow up quickly....but now....I wish to stop the time." This is so true. When I'm still a little girl, I wish to grow up quickly so that I can work and earn money, I wanna make up and be a pretty girl, I wish to wear high heels (I always wear mummy's high heels and of coz always get hurt. The scar is still on my knee.), I wish to hang out with friends... etc.. and now, my "dreams" has come true, yet I wish the time could stop at this moment. 

Yes, I'm a little bit moody today and actually I'm still sick. The sickness has attacked me for almost 1 week and still not yet recover. There are lots of problem that we need to face now - career, family, relationship,  friend, future, aging and many more. Always been thinking what I need in the future? How should I put an effort to make my dreams come true? Which path should I choose? God is great, he has a plan for all of us and still, HE give us the authority to choose the way we want. I hope I got a clearer direction and would have a better life and future.

No worries, I'm alright. So, stop mumbling and I gonna end this post with few more random photos.

Scottish dress is selling at the town.

2 more days to weekend. Enjoy every single day!!

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  1. Museum of Childhood... well, this is something new to me!

    Barbie wasn't not my thing, but I did play and loved lego so much =)

  2. cuttie kiddy thingy!
    i wish i can go in d future :)

  3. M, don worry k? Things will be fine. We all have our down times but it's going to be okay :)

  4. Dear Christina_YY,
    YEAP!! LEGO!!! How could I forgot about this..

    Dear Lulu,
    As I know, Penang also have a toys museum but I didn't visit before.

    Dear YT,
    Thanks J. I'm alright and great today.. :)

  5. Ohh~~ Why don't we have the Museum of Childhood in M'sia? I miss all my childhood toys and snacks :p

  6. Very interesting place to go la...nice nice! =)

  7. i think we should have a musium too on what we used to play when we were a kid..:d

  8. Ur BF so interested to the Scottish skirt hor...did he get one for himself :P

  9. Dear Bev & Bok,
    As I know, there is a toys museum in Penang. But I'm not sure if that is a Museum of Childhood or not?

    Dear uLi,
    Yeap!! Can explore different kinds of toys.!!

    Dear Choi Yen,
    haha.. no la, he didn't buy it :)

  10. so cute la~ those toys~
    didn't get the change to go in last time ><

  11. I wore the kilt for my graduation in Edinburgh. ;)
    It's like a tradition. Ha ha...


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