Food Hunt @ Penang

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I've grabbed a very cheap flight ticket to Penang and it cost only RM38 for 2 person for both way. This was my third visit and to be honest, I never explore Penang deeply. A very big thank you to YT & zeb (her ex bf who is now her hubby. haha...) - they're a newly married couple and they're lovely, Deejay & gf, Sock Peng & husband, Valyn, and also bf's cousin who travel to Penang too. Without them, my trip at Penang wouldn't be fun.. and I gonna share part of the food hunt at here.

Famous Teo Chew Cendol - Ice Kacang at Penang Road.

A stall beside the road and it was crowded with people. Feel free to stand anywhere and enjoy a bowl of cendol. The owner of the cendol was so nice to us, he asked us walked to his shop nearby and he will serve the cendol to us.

Cendol. - RM1.80

Feeling fresh after a bowl of cendol especially on a sunny day.

Rojak - RM4

Asam Laksa - RM3

YT and zeb have this, so I don't know how was the taste.


Sisters Char Koay Teow @ McAlister Road

Char Koay Teow - RM4

The portion was quite small but it is alright because we gonna hunt for more foods later. This char koay teow was quite special for me, they added some crab meat and the prawns were really fresh and big.


Oyster Omelette

There is a joke here. We were looking foods to fill up our tummy with bf's cousin & his gf. When we came out from the car, this nice smell leads us to this restaurant (I've totally forgot the name of this shop, was too busy to fill up my tummy). We thought it is char koay teow, so we ordered 4 plates for 4 of us and the person told us that we need to wait cause there were many customers. We said okay and we knew that it is worth to wait for a plate of nice food. While waiting for the foods, I found out that it is not Char Koay Teow from other tables and we were guessing. Until we have found out that was actually oyster omelette, so we changed our order to 2 plates. haha!!

Ok, back to the oyster omelette. It tastes really good and a bit crispy at the same time. The aromatic between the oyster and egg was best!!!  Too bad, I don't know the location of this shop.

Bak Kut Teh @ Macalister Road, Penang

Bf suggested we go for yumchar. Surprisingly,  we couldn't find any mamak at this area. So we stopped by at Yummy Cottage food court. We found out this bak kut teh and bf says: "Let's try it". Actually we already had our dinner, so we just ordered a small portion.

From the stall, you could see a lot of side dishes to add to the bak kut teh. We just added some "yao zhar guai" & "fu pei".

The taste was not bad and you could try it if you happen to be around this area. As I know, this bak kut teh start his business at night. p/s: I forgot the price. tee hee :)


Coconut Jelly - RM3.50

A small stall with lots of coconut which located at the road side of Abu Siti Lane. I'm not sure if this is the best coconut jelly. The taste was good and the jelly was made from coconut water and some jelly mixture.


Food stalls at Pulau Tikus.

Char Koay Teow - RM4
Recommended by cousin's friend and the taste was normal & with a bit of sweetness.

Hokkien Mee - RM2.80

It was really cheap and I'm bit shock.! How could we get such price at Penang which is a tourist place. Erm... a bit disappointed with the taste and don't really satisfy. So, I told them I want to have another bowl of hokkien mee at another place.


So, one of the cousin's friend brought us to Red Garden Food Court. Claimed by bf's cousin, he tastes a real good and delicious hokkien mee at here. So, I can't wait to try it...

This food court is much more bigger than the one at Pulau Tikus and it was really crowded on Saturday night. We walked around and ordered some other foods. The best part of being a Malaysian who staying at Malaysia is... we have variety of foods to choose from different stalls. Best right?

Our table was beside this stall - East Coast Grill Seafood. All the seafood was quite fresh and I wonder how's the taste.

Ikan Bakar. yummy!!!

Sotong. Both are yummy too!!! :)

This is the Hokkien Mee stall which recommended by bf's cousin.

Erm... It doesn't taste like what I'm expected. :(((



A random photo which I would like to share. This is a stall I saw when I walked to the Chow Jetty. RM2.20 for a bowl of wan tan mee? It seems like a bit unbelievable. But I'm not sure how's big is the portion. Still, it is too cheap for a bowl of mee nowadays.


On the first day at Penang, YT brought me to Him Heang to buy their famous dao sha biang. YT told me that there are actually 2 different shops which selling the famous dao sha biang. This shop was open by the chef master and who previously worked at the first shop name Ghee Hiang. The shop is not really big but always crowded with people even during weekday - this is what YT told me.

And this is Ghee Hiang. This shop is much more bigger compare to Him Heang. Well, I would said that Ghee Hiang have more variety of heong biang.

bf's cousin & gf.


These are only part of the foods I hunt @ Penang and I will share more in coming post. Stay Tuned

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  1. wow, RM38 really a deal but if I fly there I have no transport for food hunting liao :(

  2. I shouldnt have read this blog.... cause I'm so hungry now!! LOL :D
    Penang is a food paradise, yummy~

  3. I... I... I... I hate you!!! Give me the fruit rojak, F.A.S.T!!! T________T

  4. I saw the fat me in one of the pic!!!! Omg!!!!

    Now I am hungry, middle of the nite! I still think my fav Hokkien Mee at GreenHouse is better. U should try, seriously.

    Ok time to come Penang again :)

  5. YT,
    Apa la FAT?? =.=
    Yeap! I should go to Penang again :)

  6. price to travel for 38 for 2 pax ahh..chep lei!

  7. wow~~ how did you manage to finish them all in 2 days?!

  8. Dear Valyn,
    Haha!!!! We share among all of us.. MAKAN - for us is not a big problem :p


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